May 22, 2024
(Single Art: Omar Guerra)



“Like the Beach Boys did six decades before them, We the Commas manifest that unmistakable musical feel and sound of the surf and sand.” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

“The band find a balance between throwback surf and doo-wop alongside modern alt-rock and R&B … as young Black men, they aim to redefine the mainstream perception of what beach town boys look and sound like.” – POPMATTERS

“…classic vibes layered with new school alternative sensibilities…” – SPINDLE MAGAZINE

San Diego-based band We the Commas return with the video for new single “Custom Made,” following the exclusive premiere with PopMatters. The beachy track – produced by Chris Rosa – features the soothing harmonies from brothers Cam (17), Jordy (19) and Lenny Comma (23) and combines contemporary pop elements with nostalgic R&B melodies and jazz instrumentals. Though “Custom Made” is only their sophomore release, We the Commas deliver a timeless sound that has the ability to touch generations.

We The Commas explain, “The idea for ‘Custom Made’ came completely spontaneously and it was one of those songs that practically birthed itself. This track is a deeper dive into our sound and really gives a feel for who ‘We the Commas’ are.” Lenny adds, “It’s different because we are bringing in elements from 50’s pop, R&B, and classic jazz, which is a combination we don’t see much in today’s mainstream music. We’re inspired by so many different genres and our songs bring together those elements to create something that best represents us and our experiences.”

Lyrically, “Custom Made” is a love song inspired by classics like Santo & Johnny, Stevie Wonder, The Ink Spots and Nat King Cole. The official music video, however, draws on a whole new sphere of influence. The track evolves into a visual piece about finding the ensemble that makes you feel the most confident. Motivated by the iconic stylings of George Michael, Grease and Run DMC, the video features the band shifting between ‘custom made’ outfits that provoke exaggerated personas. Eventually, the brothers come to realize that they are most comfortable in the San Diego threads that have become an integral part of their identity. The music video,  directed by Chris Rosa and Josh Sikkema, perfectly compliments the lyrical sincerity of the song by drawing a parallel between finding the perfect outfit and finding the perfect romantic partner. In so many ways, both have the uncanny ability to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Lenny, Jordy and Cam have been deliberate with each lyric they’ve penned. As brothers, they recognize that the music they deliver is a representation of the values they embody, and that with each release they are being given an opportunity to present an honest illustration of the men they were raised to be. We the Commas add “Our mom and dad have a great moral compass. We hope to spread our message simply by how we treat people and how we live our lives.” A song about finding a love that is perfectly tailored to you, “Custom Made” builds on the integrity that was established with their debut release, “Sherry,” which grabbed the attention of American Songwriter and Spindle Magazine. Lenny adds “Both of these songs set the scene for a healthy relationship. We want to show people that no matter what relationship you’re in, you always need to treat people with respect.” He continues, “It’s only when you do that you have the fairytale experience depicted in both of these songs.”

Quickly establishing themselves in their local Southern California music scene, We the Commas previously performed on San Diego’s KUSI Morning Show as well as for their March of Dimes charity event in Balboa Park, and hosted a weekly three-hour gig at The Bunker House in Oceanside. It’s no surprise their drive captured the attention of one of their very own inspirations The Head and The Heart and acclaimed hip-hop/R&B producers like Rex Kudo (Post Malone, Young Thug, Nav, Lil Uzi Vert) and Charlie Handsome (Travis Scott, Khalid, The Weeknd, Drake) before even launching their project.

Their journey began early in their family living room void of cable, singing motown classics like Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5 on an old school boombox, and later playing games like Rock Band. Music lessons soon followed and toys turned into real instruments, eventually leading to the formation of We the Commas. “This first project is really vulnerable,” says Cam, “and we’re really excited to share our story with everyone and have them connect to our experiences.” That openness stems from the band’s brotherly bond, which in turn strengthens the music. It’s natural for siblings to bicker and not get along often, but the trio quickly realized they needed to rely on each other as peers in order to be successful. “We’ll sit in studio sessions and we’re in awe of each other’s work,” Jordy explains. “It’s insane to see how connected we are. We can be separated for a week, but when we get back into the studio we take notes of what’s been going on in our lives and what we experienced. This cohesive story just comes together.”

As impressive as their story and sound is the integrity behind it. Lenny, Jordy and Cam Comma realize that from the outside looking in they don’t embody what the world might envision as “beach boy surfers.” Given their personal mission to break down racial and social constructs, We the Commas are committed to keeping their values at the forefront of everything they do. Lenny adds, “[Being Black] influences our music, because it tells our experiences. Especially where we live, there are not a ton of people who look like us, so we’ve learned to be the most authentic version of ourselves. We’re trying to do something different that people haven’t seen before… the overarching goal is to let people know that no matter what, don’t let fear or social norms restrict you from doing the things you love.”

We the Commas are currently in the studio and plan to release content independently through 2020.