June 19, 2024

Singer/Songwriter and actress Kacey Fifield, just released another new original single entitled ‘Petty’. It is a high energy song inspired by people she’s met. TMI recently interviewed Kacey about the new single and her future plans for more releases!

Kacey – we are thrilled to talk with you today. Congrats on the upcoming release of your new single, Petty, But before you spill the tea on the new record, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure! I’ve always loved singing and making up lyrics about the most random things. As a kid, I’d always be singing the theme song to my favorite TV shows (probably Victorious or iCarly) and making up new songs about things that happen in the shows. My passion for music has stuck with me! Since then, I’ve moved to Los Angeles, worked on various TV shows and commercials, and begun my music career. I love writing about personal topics that can be connected to broader themes of empowerment and acceptance of emotions. 

You are a multi-hyphenate talent in the entertainment industry. Out of all the things you do, from acting to music, which is your most favored?

For me, writing songs is my creative outlet and a kind of therapy. Because of that, I’d definitely have to go with music for now, but I love acting as well!

What was your inspiration for the record?

“Petty” is a super high-energy song all about letting go of people who stay in your life just to be petty! I wrote the song about the petty people I’ve encountered and was inspired to musically express my feelings toward them. It’s meant to be a song you play while dancing, running, hitting the gym, partying, or just screaming the lyrics for catharsis. “Petty” is a collaboration with a super talented producer Nippandab.

Can you share some of your favorite lyrics in the song?

The very first lyric I came up with for the song is the opening lyric: “You had me so head over heels/ Put my heart over my mind.” I love the idea of drawing a parallel between the cliche of being “head over heels” for someone and the way in which we often listen to our heart instead of thinking when we feel strongly about someone.

What is your writing process when making new music?

I come up with an idea and usually jot it down in my notes app or make a quick voice memo. From there, I usually leave it alone until inspiration for that song strikes again (this period of time ranges from minutes to months). Some ideas don’t really stick and I just scrap them for parts (e.g. using certain lyrics for other songs). But, when the song sticks I keep working on it until I have the lyrics and an outline of what I want it to sound like. Then, I bring in one of the producers/collaborators I work with to see if we can make my idea into a fully fleshed-out song!

Do you have specific “go to” instruments you like to use in your songs?

When I’m writing music, I always start off with either piano or guitar. When I work with different producers, we build off that base! I love using funky drum beats and synth 🙂

What do you hope fans feel after hearing the new record?

I really want listeners to be able to let out any pent-up anger or annoyance toward the petty people in their lives and let go of those toxic relationships!

Photo Credit: Maiya Buck Photography 

Can you tell us 5 fun things most people don’t know about you?

1) I can actually rap pretty well

2) I have 4 pet cats that I love and adore

3) I’m vegan for ethical reasons and always try to encourage sustainable food choices!

4) I love exercising, especially boxing and running

5) Most of my song ideas come to me while brushing my teeth

How can people follow you?

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kcfifield/