April 17, 2024

Actress and Irish Dancer, Julia Culbert, is adding singer/songwriter to her resume with the release of her first single You Don’t. The single will be available today on all streaming services. TMI got to chat with this talented entertainer about her new single and so much more!

Welcome to TMI Julia – we are thrilled to talk with you today. Congrats on the upcoming release of your new single, You Don’t. But before you spill the tea on the new record, can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a Los Angeles based actress and singer/songwriter. I grew up in the Bay Area, doing musical theater and playing the violin, and when I turned eighteen, I moved down to LA to pursue acting and music professionally. I began by working as an extra on movies like Bumblebee (Transformers), Ant Man and the Wasp, and 13 Reasons Why. My first lead in a feature film was in Birdemic 3, which premiered at Fantastic Fest and is out now on Amazon Prime. I’m currently in college for film and television production, and in the process of directing and producing my own documentary, Monarch. 

I’ve loved music ever since I was little, whether it was singing, playing the violin, or making rhythms in Irish dance. I’ve always loved writing as well, mostly poetry and stories, but recently I took the leap and decided to start writing songs. I really fell in love with a song I called, “You Don’t,” so I reached out to my producer, Justin Tinucci, and was able to share it with the world. 

You are a multi-hyphenate talent in the entertainment industry. Out of all the things you do, from acting to music, which is your most favored?

My favorite will always be Irish dancing. It holds such a special place in my heart, and it creates such a wonderful sense of community. I love being on stage, the music, the rhythms, and I love competing. I also really just love being creative, whether it’s behind or in front of the camera, at home or on stage. 

What was your inspiration behind the new single?

My song is about a girl who knows she’s just being used as a placeholder in her relationship. She realizes her significant other is selfish enough to keep her around for their own entertainment, all while they are actively pursuing something else. She still loves that person deeply, but she begins to realize that it’s not worth it to sacrifice her wellbeing for someone who is completely indifferent to her pain. So she asks that they let her go. 

What made you decide to release a song?

 I’ve always wanted to release a song but I never thought I’d make the right song. I’ve always been really shy about sharing my work as a musician, and I wasn’t sure people would really understand the sound I was going for. I was completely wrong about that with Justin. He really heard what I was asking and was able to turn the piece into something incredible, so once I heard the final master I knew we had to release it. 

Can you share some of your favorite lyrics in the song?

 My favorite line in the song is “apathy’s gonna leave a scar,” because that hits really close to home for me. I think the most painful thing is when someone you really care about is truly apathetic towards you and your feelings. The line that is the most powerful to me is “How low are you willing to sink?” You’d be surprised how awfully people can treat you when they’ve decided they don’t care about you anymore.

What is your writing process when making new music?

 The melody actually originated from something I was humming to myself while out on the ski slope. I recorded it on my phone, and once I was back home I was able to use my violin to find the correct notes and write it down. Once I’d finished writing out the lyrics, I sent my ideas to Justin Tinucci, my co-writer and producer, and he was able to add the incredible instrumentals. When we got in the studio, we had so much fun picking harmonies and layering vocals until we ended up with the piece we have now. 

 Do you have specific “go to” instruments you like to use in your songs?

 Definitely electric guitar. Also, I know it’s not an instrument, but I just really like foley. I think you can make such cool sounds with everyday objects. Some of the percussion in my song was actually made using a ski binding. 

What do you hope fans feel after hearing the new record?

 I hope people feel heard after they listen to my songs, and I hope they realize that no one has the power to take away their worth as a human being.

Can you tell us 5 fun things most people don’t know about you?

  1. My favorite thing in the world is snow.
  2. I can’t go a day without drinking lemonade. 
  3. I love to make bracelets.
  4. I do dressage, but I also work as a wrangler. 
  5. I put broccoli on my pizza. 

How can people follow you?

All my social media is @juliaculbert 

Pre-Save Link to You Don’https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/juliaculbert/you-dont