June 15, 2024

Singer/Songwriter and actress, Mila Nabours, is releasing a new single today. The song is called “Emotions” and is a collaboration with Anica Rose. TMI recently interviewed Mila about the new single and her future plans for more releases!

Welcome to TMI Mila – we are thrilled to talk with you today. Congrats on the upcoming release of your new single, Emotions. But before you spill the tea on the new record, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Absolutely! Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast, and at age 12 I started competitive dance which led me to the entertainment industry! Since then, I started acting, and have won multiple best young actress awards, done a variety of projects utilizing my acting and dance training, and am now primarily focused on writing, recording, and performing my original music! 

You are a multi-hyphenate talent in the entertainment industry. Out of all the things you do, from acting to music, which is your most favored?

Although I love so many aspects of what I take on in the entertainment industry, I’d have to say that writing and recording music is my absolute favorite. I feel like it is my most raw and natural form of expression that I am so grateful to be pursuing. 

This single is a duet with Anica Rose. How did this collaboration come about?

Anica and I work with the same producer, Andrew Lane, and since we knew we’d both be performing at New York fashion week, we thought we’d join forces and combine our styles to make a new original! We’re great friends and we thought it’d be a lot of fun 🙂

What was your inspiration for the record?

Since we had in mind that we were going to be debuting this song at NYFW, we wanted to make this song fun and party themed! Bright lights and city vibes were our inspirations. 

Can you share some of your favorite lyrics in the song?

One of the fun lines in the song says “Feeling the vibe, chest pump pump pumping-“ and every time we sang that we’d laugh and motion a hand to chest pump motion to one another when we were on set filming the music video, so I’d say this would be my favorite 🙂

What is your writing process when making new music?

The first step in my music writing process is selecting from a few custom-made tracks my producer creates. I then get in the studio with a co-writer and brainstorm ideas and lyrics until we finalize a melody and some base lyrics. Nothing is set at first, but we feel it out until we find what’s right. A few days later, I’ll jump in the studio to record it, and then in the next week it’s mixed and mastered! I’m so lucky to have such a great team who works so effectively together. 

Do you have specific “go to instruments” you like to use in your songs?

It really depends on the style of the song, but I’d say piano and guitar would be my go to instruments, as well as incorporating different string instruments and drums. 

What do you hope fans feel after hearing the new record?

I hope this song brings some light hearted fun vibes to them, and that they can just jam out to it!

Can you tell us 5 fun things most people don’t know about you?

1 — I am a very extreme night owl! I often go to sleep later than I want to admit! I’m currently typing this at 1:05 AM… this is early for me. 

2 — Out of all things education wise… I have a knack for writing! Not just music but more creative writing as well. It’s my main reason for excelling in English at school! 

3 — I speak Spanish! And to be honest, I need to start speaking and using it more because I’m getting a little rusty. 

4 — I’ve traveled to about 20 countries in my lifetime! I’m so lucky to have experienced so many beautiful places and I can’t wait to travel more. 

5 — Covid was the inspiration for my music career! During the start of the pandemic, I finally had free time to begin pursuing it, and I’ve been working on music ever since. 

Photo Credit: PixbyGG

How can people follow you?

Instagram and Tiktok: @mila.nabours 

Youtube: Mila Nabours

Emotions Link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/milanaboursandanicarose/emotions