April 17, 2024

On October 2nd, 2020, L.A. composer Paul Zambrano will release “Death Is Beautiful, his first independently produced album in six years, with four singles (“Sleepless”, “Lucid”, “Spiritland”, and “Memory”) to be released on their own prior to the release of the album. It is a hybrid orchestral requiem in the cinematic music genre, particularly inspired by the scores of Bernard Herrmann, Clint Mansell, Abel Korzeniowski, Danny Elfman, and Howard Shore. 

Previously, Zambrano released “Expect Nothing, Distort Everything” (2014), an album mainly comprised of original solo piano music, and “A Final Word: This Is a New Age” (2011), which featured piano compositions by his favorite composers and two original compositions (“This Is My Last Symphony” and “This Is a New Age”). 

“Death Is Beautiful” is not just an album with tracks thrown in random order. It is a tragic and macabre fiction, a dialogue between the riddles and the sacrifices that come with love, loneliness, insecurity, depression, addiction, and death. The main character of this story is caught in a disturbing illusion triggered by the loss of their beloved. The dichotomy between dream and reality leads this character to perform disorienting and extreme actions until, finally, they commit suicide. 

“Death is Beautiful” will be available across all major online media retailers on October 2, 2020, but you can pre-save the album on Spotify now via https://show.co/MC6CmdK

His first single, “Sleepless” will release on Aug 7th, followed by “Lucid” on Aug 21st, “Spiritland” on Sept 4th and “Memory” on Sept 18th

About Paul:

With a stylistic versatility ranging from hybrid soundscapes to Old Hollywood and Bernard Herrmann-inspired scores, Paul Zambrano’s versatility and range makes him constantly in-demand to content creators of all kinds.

Being primarily a composer for film, Zambrano is known for composing the score to a number of projects, including Binlowes’ Locker (Dir. Andrew James Mitchell); The Only Way (Dir. Mike Coleman); Timmy’s Playdate (Dir. Rudi Silva); Take Care of Emily (Dir. Nick Rapuano), which is currently experiencing a successful festival run; Life (Dir. Johanna Nystroem), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018; and Slipping into Darkness (Dir. Alex Ferrufino), which is currently streaming on HBO. He has also released several soundtrack albums and EP’s of select films he has done, which are streaming on all major platforms. 

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