July 21, 2024

A recognized singer-songwriter from Canada, Shae Dupuy, has been splitting her time between Nashville and her home territory, Toronto, Ontario, over the last two years so that she can focus her efforts on writing and recording new music. Showing an interest in music at an early age, Dupuy took vocal and guitar lessons at the age of eight, leading her to attend a specialized arts high school. The relatively unknown artist earned a name for herself in Canada when she released her first-ever single, “Grandpa’s Truck,” which garnered attention from CMT Canada, who named her a “Fresh Face Artist.” The momentum continued to grow for the ever-evolving artist, who has since garnered multiple nominations from the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) for her songs, “Tin Man” and “Drink About It.”  Shortly after the release of her second EP, Brave, in 2016, she received a CCMA nomination for ‘Interactive Artist of the Year” in 2017. Since moving to Nashville to immerse herself in the city’s songwriting scene, Dupuy has written a catalog of songs for her forthcoming full-length project, as well as songs for other artists. Her new music displays cultured vocal expression, storytelling, and a strong sense of identity and conviction, both as an artist and as a person. Dupuy has performed at multiple festivals, including some of Canada’s top festivals at Cavendish Beach and Lucknow’s Music in the Fields. In 2018, Dupuy headed on her first tour, where she performed in multiple cities from coast to coast across Canada. 

To learn more about Shae, follow her journey via her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or visit https://www.shaedupuy.com/

Hey Shae!! So excited to be chatting with you about your new single “Black & White”!! Can you tell us what this song means to you?

This song was me trying to rationalize a break up that didn’t have a reason for ending other than two people who were just not meant to be. I think as an artist, I like to romanticize things, and I thrive on the messy parts of breakups, so getting to write about truly helps me process.

What’s been your reaction to the fan’s anticipation for your new single?

After spending a couple of years just to write and to move to Nashville, I think the new music has been long overdue! I’m just as excited as the fans for this new project!

How excited are you to get this single out into the world?

I’m so happy to finally be able to share everything I’ve been working on. It feels like my hard work paying off. It’s been for years since my last release. During those years, I moved to Nashville and took the time to define my sound, and the music I’m releasing now reflects that. 

Where did your love of music come from?

I’ve been singing along to every song I’ve heard since I was a little girl. I’ve always gravitated towards Country music and storytelling. My grandpa truly helped shape my love of music though.  

Do you have any other release plans for 2020?

I have another single coming out in a couple of months, and I’ll also be heading back into the studio to finish the EP soon!

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new music?

I think that fans will hear a more vulnerable and honest side of me with this new music. After listening to my music, I always hope that the listener feels more understood and like they are not alone. The way only a song can make you feel! 

How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters?

With my friends, I’ve always been the friend who will give you the brutally honest, sometimes hard to hear advice. And I hope that with my songs, I can be that friend to my fans and build that relationship with them!

What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

A lot of people don’t know that I grew up speaking French as my primary language. It always surprises people!

What do you want your fans to know if they ever see you in public?

Please come, say hi!!! I always love getting to know people who have connected with my music. It totally makes my day!

What’s one word you would use to describe what your fans have allowed you to accomplish?


What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

I hope it’s always clear how I love what I do. During my shows and when fans hear me singing the songs that I write, I hope they see and hear my passion and understand how important these stories I’m telling are to me. I never want to do anything halfway. 

Is there anyone in the music business you are dying to meet?

I have a bucket list of songwriters I want to write with. I am dying to meet most of the people on my bucket list.

Why do you think social media is so important for artists like yourself?

I think that relationships between artists and their fans are so important, and social media lets us do that! 

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

I’ve toured back in Canada, and it was one of my favorite parts of what I do. A big goal of mine right now is to tour here in the US when the world opens up, and it’s safe for concerts again! 

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Make sure to stream “Black and White” on Spotify or Apple:https://ps.onerpm.com/blackandwhite 

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