May 29, 2024

Hey Somali 🙂 You are well known for your roles on the popular shows Raven’s Home and New Girl. Can you explain the process of how you got these roles?

I was chosen to audition for “Raven’s Home” because I had a background in dance so I learned the lines and put together the choreography based on what I had learned at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.  When I went into the audition, I knew I killed it based on the looks of the people in the room. They weren’t expecting me to bring it like that! “The New Girl” was a fun audition because they wanted us to run around the room like out of control kids and I am REALLY good at that!

Can you explain the characters you portray?

Power on “Raven’s Home” is a very much like me, except I don’t annoy my big brother like that (most of the time). She is kind of mischievous like me too. She’s very high energy and gets herself into some crazy situations!

What do you think makes Raven’s Home standout from other shows that have been aired on Disney recently?

“Raven’s Home” is a different kind of show because it shows two moms who were previously best friends from childhood. They are now divorced from their husbands and are choosing to raise their children together as a family.  Most shows feature a mom and dad and their 2 or more kids.

What do you like most about being on a show that’s aired on Disney?

Disney has been the starting place for many great performers who have had long careers and my goal is to follow in their footsteps. I also like that Disney is seen everywhere from Mexico to Canada and plenty of other countries too. One of my first memories is telling my mom I wanted to be on a Disney show and I can’t believe it’s actually happened!

What’s your favorite part about being on “Raven’s Home”?

My favorite part about being on “Raven’s Home” was the family-like atmosphere of the cast and crew.  You can tell that they genuinely care about one another and want the show to be excellent!

What was your favorite part about being on set?

My favorite part of being on the show was learning so much about multi camera sets and how shows are filmed.  It was totally different from what I expected. I loved the people and….and craft services… I really like craft services!

What’s it like working alongside well known actress Raven-Symoné?

Raven is amazing. She is funny and kind, but she really expects you to have a professional attitude towards your job.  I look up to her so much because she’s had a long career that began when she was just four years old. She was very sensitive to our needs as child actors, including coming around to us personally with water and snacks.

Can you spill any details on what the supporters can look forward to on the show?

Supporters of the show can look forward to more crazy antics from the Baxter Family and crew as the kids mature and more “visions” occur.

Any fun moments while on set?

Both Issac Ryan Brown and Jason Maybaum are very funny and make you laugh every chance they get.  While we were on break we played laser tag and hide and seek. Both Navia Robinson and Sky Katz were like extremely cool big sisters and let me kick it with them. It was very fascinating to watch them balance their school day with work. They do an amazing job!

Are there any fun projects in the works you can tell us about?

There are tons of new projects in the works for me that I can’t talk about just yet, just stay tuned and know that I’m about to rock every opportunity that comes my way.

You have created a growing social media presence for yourself. Why do you think social media is so important for teen actors today?

Social media is important because it has become the way this generation communicates with one another.  In my social media I try to share a little bit of my life. I have a family, I go to school, I love to travel and I love to try new foods! I may be working hard to pursue my dream, but I’m also a little kid that likes to have fun!

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I want to inspire my fans to live their best lives and pursue their passions because for me and my family, that is the true definition of living.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

I use Instagram the most because it is the easiest for me to do myself and I feel like I get the most interaction with my fans.

Does your fan base have a name?

Not yet, I’ve been thinking about Rosebuds.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

This summer I was at Santa Monica Pier celebrating my cousin’s birthday and a group of kids came up to me and asked me if I was Power. I said yes and they kind of followed me around the amusement. It was the best kind of crazy. I love getting to meet my fans in person. I took pictures with them because they were awesome!

You dedicate your free time to working with animal shelters. How did you become involved with such an awesome cause?

I absolutely love animals and I feel bad when I see them homeless on the streets so I volunteer at animal shelters to give them a safe place to be until they get homes. Other countries I’ve traveled to like Indonesia and the Dominican Republic have a greater problem with homeless dogs than we do here in the US.  That made me want to help find good homes for dogs.

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Yes! Thank you guys so much for supporting me. Never forget to follow your dreams, no matter how hard it gets.  

Thanks for taking the time and doing this interview 🙂

You’re Welcome.  Thanks for having me!