June 17, 2024

Los Angeles-based indie pop artist, Rikki Valentina has just released her introspective new pop single, “Dollar $igns” across all major online media outlets. The sing-songy, ultra-catchy tune about social media addiction encourages listeners to be carefree and comfortable with themselves, and brings to light some controversial topics, such as the effect social media can have on mental health.

Valentina is a singer, songwriter, and actress who was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Known for her dreamy aesthetic and catchy songs reminiscent of artists like Melanie Martinez and Zella Day, (including “April Fool” and “Young Love”), Valentina writes, composes, and produces all her music from her bedroom studio. A talented multi-instrumentalist, she plays piano, ukulele, and omnichord.

Valentina’s music has been presented on playlists such as MADA’s Indie Pop, Tunes Go Hard, Crack In The Road, Buzz Music, The Edge Of Indie Poptimism, Punch Block Baby, and Sleepy Wolf. She has also been featured on Buzz Music Blog and Voyage LA Magazine.  Rikki’s song “April Fool” slowly became a trend on Tik Tok, helping her gain fans globally.

To hear “Dollar $igns” and learn more about Rikki, visit https://linktr.ee/rikkivalentina.

For more information about Rikki Valentina, email [email protected].