July 25, 2024

Nashville based singer/songwriter, Maddy Newton, is the authentic breath of fresh air we didn’t know we needed. Her honest and colorful lyrics, mixed with her rhythmic melodies, create a sound that is hard to stop listening to. She’s had the opportunity to open up for acts including JoJo, Cimorelli, and A Great Big World. 

Her catchiest song yet, “Say Sorry” makes you want to dance and cry at the same time. “Say Sorry is probably my favorite song yet, because it hits so close to home. It describes a strong feeling of wishing you could both just say “sorry” and go back to being good again.” describes Newton. 

Maddy has been building a devoted online following since 2010. Her consistency and presence on these platforms pays off in the loyalty of her followers. “When I was little, young female artists gave me inspiration; someone to look up to and feel connected to. My mission is to be that, for somebody else. It’s taken me a long time to be confident in myself and my opinion. I want to encourage others to embrace what makes them unique.” Maddy introduced “Say Sorry” to the crowd at her show in Nashville a month ago and it was by far the crowd favorite. It was impossible for them to not sing the chorus gang-vocal with her. She has more shows planned this fall including some stripped-down writers rounds. Her latest singles, “What Am I To You” and “You Do It” have been getting the attention of high-following playlists like Digster and other User-Curated Playlists, and have gotten major support from Radio Disney. A music video for “Say Sorry” is currently in the works.