June 17, 2024

Great to catch up with you Jeni! You have a new single titled “Learn The Lie” congrats.  Did you write the song? If so, what was that experience like? The song sounds very personal. 

Thanks for having me back! I wrote this song with my creative partner, Daniel Markus. But, as most of our projects start, I began the song on my own. It started as a seed, late at night, when I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in a relationship, a relationship that felt very one sided. I wanted this person to be something they couldn’t be, so as I found out more about them, I was confronted by more and more truths I didn’t want to know. Additionally, it’s about them spilling their guts to me and it not even mattering that I was the person on the other side.I felt like I was overflowing, so it had to come out. Then I sent it to Daniel to see if it was worth pursuing. He immediately had a very clear vision for it, production wise. 

Do you get nervous before you release new music or is it more of an excitement for you? 

I do get nervous! The last single I was nervous about because it was the first. But this one I’m nervous because it is so personal and so autobiographical. That feels very vulnerable. I am excited for everyone to hear it, and especially since the first single did so well. But it’s scary!! 

Was there anyone or anything in particular that pushed you to pursue music?

It was really a combination of things. My family is musical and when I found other music-lovers growing up, I felt most at home. Then as I was graduating college, I just felt in my core that I had to pursue it seriously. So I moved to Nashville!

How did you decide to make this your next release? 

When the EP was finished it seemed like the most logical choice. Apart from “What’s in a Name” it was the strongest track. It felt like both “Learn the Lie” and “What’s in a Name” would really build anticipation for the full project. Plus, I just really love this song. It feels super dramatic and dark, just in time for Halloween! My inner witch is obsessed. 

Other than your own, what has been your favorite song released this year? 

“Pool” by Samia. It WRECKS me. 

Tell us where we can find you online and get our hands on your new music?