May 22, 2024

Hey Martha!! So excited to be chatting with you! Did you have a breakout song that started things for you?

Hi there! Lovely to chat with you, too! My breakout song was perhaps ‘State Of The Art’ – the title track to my debut EP, which came out in 2011. (Here’s a video in case you’re curious: But this EP has definitely taken a leap away from that, musically, since then…

Your new EP will be out Nov 15th! How excited are you to finally be able to release this new music out into the world? & What do you hope your supporters will think of the new music?

My new EP is out shortly, but I’m very excited about the single from the EP – Along The Lonely – came out on 1st November! I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with the world for a long time now – the EP has been 18 months in the making… but it feels like now is the right time. I hope listeners enjoy the new story-telling nature of the songs. They’re quite a bit more ‘stripped back’ than my previous releases. I just hope they resonate with people!

Can you spill any details about the new EP & do you have a favourite song on the EP?

It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted to write, arrange, record and produce the whole record from my home studio – so quite an exciting challenge! It was really nice to work with my other half, Joel (aka the man behind ‘Tiny Eyes’) in co-producing the record. He’s added some new colours and textures with synths and percussion I haven’t featured on my records previously. My favourite song is perhaps the final track, When I Hold You In My Arms… a song I wrote about our baby boy, before he was born. As you can imagine, it’s the most sentimental for me. When you hear it, it’ll all make sense…

Will there be any shows to promote the EP?

I became a new Mum earlier this year, so I’m taking a bit of time out to focus on that for now, so unfortunately there aren’t any live shows coming up. I’m hoping to squeeze in some new videos soon though – and hope to be back out gigging at some point next year!