July 21, 2024

Hey Ollie! So excited to be chatting with you!! What inspired you to pursue music?

Nice to be chatting with you too! And well I’ve always wanted to be a performer ever since I can remember and I’ve always loved music, so it’s hard to say what inspired me. I was just naturally a really good singer and had a good ear for melody. To be fair I did want to be Elvis when I was a kid. I worshipped him…and then when I was about 13 Paolo Nutini came onto the scene and I realised that that was without any question what I wanted to do. My cousin Alex Kapranos was also a big inspiration for me as he is a very successful singer, and that showed me that it was possible and could be more than just a dream.

How would you describe your musical style as an artist?

I’m not massively keen on setting parameters around my sonic identity. I think people change constantly through life and that that should be reflected through art. Paolo Nutini changes with each release, so does Taylor Swift within reason, so has Radio Head, so did Bowie and so will I. However, I think the easiest way to describe my work so far is alternative rock. My first EP, ‘Saucy Naughty Rubbish’ was very retro, post punk, heavy rock. And now with Cordelia I’ve gone to somewhere far more psychedelic, folk and prog rock inspired. I think I’m going to expand on this new sound for future releases.

What artists do you look up to right now?

I look up to a lot of different artists new and old, but I’m presuming that you’re talking about new artists! So, I think…Muse who aren’t new at all, but they continue to come up with great music and their performances are mad spectacles. I think Coldplay are in the same realm, creating great new work and again putting on the best shows. Sam Fender is pretty awesome, and quite an important act for artists like me, as he is the first big rock solo artist to be made popular in a very long time. Another act who I love and who I’ve been really lucky to gig with before are Hardwick Circus, they are unbelievable performers, they could headline any gig and support any act. Also, very nice chaps as well.

Any fun things in the works for your music career?

Yes, I’ve got plenty of stuff planned for next year, possibly a European Tour, a North to South UK Tour and maybe even a tour in Tennessee! That’s not including all the festivals I’m applying for as well. And on top of that I will be releasing four new singles throughout 2020, as well as other content which I believe will all be accessible on YouTube.

You just gave a little teaser of your new music by releasing one track called Stage Of Fools off your forthcoming EP due out in a few weeks!! How excited are you that this song is finally out into the world?

I’m so excited and thrilled that it’s being received as well as it is. It’s just great to get the new sound out there so everyone can see that there’s a lot more to me as an artist, and also so people have a better taste of what they’ll be experiencing when they come to see me live. 

What does this song mean to you?

That’s a difficult question, because what the song means itself isn’t the same as what it means to me…I don’t know. The song itself is about the disillusionment from one’s own reality and talks about feelings of worthlessness and depression. It’s really honest about what I’ve personally been through and considering the mental health crisis we have in this country and throughout the world, I think it’s something that a lot of people have felt and continue to feel. It’s hard to say what it means to me, but I hope it means progression for people who are suffering with depression and come to listen to it. I hope it touches them and helps them realise that they are not alone.

Can you spill any details about the new EP?

I can as I’m not sure I’m anywhere near big enough for people to care if I do! Cordelia is basically a reflective look on love, heartbreak, depression, addiction and various other cheery subjects! It’s honest, it’s interesting, it’s powerful and I hope it will connect to everyone on many different levels. It’s not something you’ll hear in a club, but it is beautiful, even if I say so myself. I’m really proud of it and I think that despite my efforts to be progressive, it is still a very accessible listen. I’m sure anyone who listens to it all will love it.

What was an average day like for you?

I get up early, go to the gym, have breakfast, write music. Sometimes I am composing as I write film music as well. Then I’ll more often than not go to band practise. To be honest though, no day is ever the same, that’s my ideal schedule, but things change quite a lot and I end up out in London with friends drinking to much rather regularly. I’m a fairly normal chap in that respect.   

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Well like I said I write music for films but all the projects I’m working no now won’t be out for ages so it’s probably not worth mentioning. In any case, being a solo artist is the most important thing for me, so the only thing worth thinking about is the next single release, but one thing at a time!

What are your friends and parents’ thoughts on your career in singing?

My parents are more supportive than you imagine, they’ve given me everything throughout my life; they’re always encouraging me and helping me if I need it, and I suppose that’s because they believe I will do well, so I can only assume they have positive thoughts! My friends are also very supportive, a few of them are always turning up to my gigs so I suppose they believe in me to some extent. But you know, I don’t expect anyone to truly believe I can be a really successful artist, because from the outside looking in, it is so unlikely, either way it doesn’t matter, I know I can. Plus I have my brother, who is also my manager. I think he believes I should be working harder, but we both know we’re heading in the right direction.

Overall, how has this whole music career experience been for you?

Well I’ve only just gotten started, ask me in five years! Seriously though, I only just found my band fully in March so yeah, it’s not like I’ve experienced loads as a solo artist. My music career since leaving university has been good, writing music for films and other artists, and I have been in a lot of other bands beforehand, so it’s been fairly mixed. All I can say about music as a career option is that it is hard, uncertain and unpredictable. Most of your success will come from luck as far as I can see, but if it’s what you love then it’s worth it.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to make it as a singer?

I’m not sure I’m at a level to be giving people advice yet, I’m still in need of advice! Though I would say that practise and hard work are the most important things ever. It’s hard for anyone to overlook you if you have the most amazing/well trained voice and the best band to back you.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, arrogant.

Do you have any last things you want to tell your fans?

To those of you who exist (if any), you are the beginning of a following that will one day overwhelm the earth, congratulations for being the beginning of this epidemic. In one to two years I’ll be signed, in two to three I will be one of the biggest artists in the world and when I die, I will be considered the greatest of the great. My love will forever remain for you, the people. I am most honourably, Oliver Trevers.