May 22, 2024

Hi William! Thank you so much for being here today! 

We hear that you have a single coming out on Friday, January 8th!! Tell us about that!

Yes! I feel like it’s the perfect reminder to get it in gear and achieve those 2021 goals! Bubbly, energetic, and motivational.

What do you enjoy most about playing and making music? 

I love the process of writing the song—pacing the floor, singing through ideas, in the car/shower/everywhere. And I also like to see the finished product and think back to how it sounded on the voice memo or early recording.

Is there a particular theme you are trying to capture when creating new music?

Lately, I’ve been on a motivational/emotional theme. I think “One Foot” is like my other song “Just Love” with a set of running shoes.

Tell us about your favorite performance in your career thus far? 

I love playing at this Bar+Arcade in Greensboro, NC (Boxcar). Sundays on the patio, people bring their pets, hang with friends and there’s a brick oven pizza hub—I really love it!

What sets your music apart from others? What makes it unique? 

My voice, haha. It’s pretty high, and they might do a double-take when they look at my photo while hearing my songs.

What is the best piece of advice another musician has ever given you? 

“Bloom where you’re planted” You’ve got to start a fire on your own (even if it’s a small fire at first)

Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you in 2021!, it’s got everything! Links to socials, live calendar, and streaming platforms

Thank you for your time!

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