May 27, 2024

We are Proud and Excited to announce that Triple Threat singing sensation Analise Hoveyda is set to release her fifth single “Loco Amor”.  The song is her first single recorded in Spanish and will be released through All Star Music/EMPIRE on Friday 01/15/21. Nashville based songwriter/record producer Kipp Williams, (Kipp is signed to Dr. Luke’s Prescription Music) produced the record.  Analise had this to say about recording the song: “Before recording Crazy Love in English, my Team and I knew we wanted to do a Latin Mix. I have Latina roots so we thought it would be a good idea to show people that. We went back and forth deciding if we should do Spanglish or the whole song in Spanish. We decided to go with the whole song, (in Spanish). It wasn’t easy switching all the lyrics to Spanish so we got help from the talented Mexican Songwriter Castillo Paul Daniel, who was a big help and did an amazing job! During the recording process, I had my producer Kipp Williams there to guide me through the recording in Spanish, but it came pretty easy to me like it was nothing. It was super fun recording Loco Amor and getting to show people that I’m Latina and I could sing in Spanish. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to record more songs like this!”.  You can listen now by clicking on this link:

Analise and her Team were thrilled and humbled to learn that SPIN decided to write and post a feature interview online. A special shout out goes to SPIN Founder Bob Guccione Jr. and staff writer Mary Gibson. They did an incredible job on this story and you can read about Analise by clicking on this link: