May 29, 2024

Hey Tyler, How are you?

Great thanks, lovin life

What inspired you to try music?

Always loved music since I was a little kid, I used to bang on my Mom’s pots n pans in the kitchen. Also found it to be an easy way to
express myself through music.

How would you describe your musical style?

Mostly Rock with a little Alternative mixed in. I like the faster rock n roll sound.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Fun, Energetic, Loveable, Sarcastic, Raring to go

What artists do you look up to right now?

I really like the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has proved to be everlasting with his sound, even with all he’s been through, he’s still playing his heart out. Also like Green Day, Velvet Revolver, Slash, Blink 182, Guns n Roses & Black Sabbath.

You just recently released your new single “Take Me Home Tonight” which
is a cover of Eddie Money’s hit. What made you choose to do a cover of
this song for your next single?

I really enjoy that song by Eddie Money and thought it was sort of forgotten. I wanted to cover what I thought was a great tune, give it my own spin for everyone to enjoy today.

Do you plan on releasing any more new music soon?

I’m currently in the recording studio and writing more music each chance I get. I hope to release another original song in a few months.

Are you planning to go on tour to promote your new songs?

I did a regional tour in the pacific northwest, it was a lot of fun. Got a great response from fans. I plan on attending college in the fall so for now I’m just going to continue to play out at the local clubs in Los Angeles and try to get an album together.

Whats your favorite song to perform live?

Of my songs I like, “Come Home & Look At Me”. Covers I like to perform are
Black Sabbath “War Pigs NIB Medley” KISS “Strutter” & Velvet Revolver “Slither” to name a few.

How do you prepare for a live performance?

Playing any venue can be nerve -racking, especially if you’ve never played there before. Basically I warm up the pipes, (my
vocals) and warm up my fingers for the guitar, and that’s pretty much it. Thank God for this opportunity and go for it.

Have you had a peformance that has stood out to you above all others?

Yeah there’s 2 actually. A few months ago when I played at the Whisky-a-GoGo in Hollywood, Paul Stanley joined us on stage
when we played Strutter. It was awesome and super charged me & the audience. Another incredible time was when I played the Torrance Memorial Hosp. Charity Event, I needed another guitar player and my mentor Monte Pittman, (guitarist to Madonna) said he’d play with me and my band. It was awesome and he really rocked the house! His skills are Bar None.

Whats the feeling you get when performing live in front of your supporters?

It’s hard to put into words, but I’ll try, it’d be easier if I played my guitar for you. LOL It’s like floating on air, watching the crowd sing along with you and really feel your music, it’s incredible. It’s like when you have an awesome dream and you don’t want to wake up yet. It’s like that only better.

Does your fanbase have a name?

Just Tyler Colt, but a clever fan came up with “Join The Colt”

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I want to have a good relationship with my fans. I think I do now and don’t want that to change. Some DM me or write to me and I reply back. I always do, maybe not right away if I’m in the studio or on stage. But I always take the time to shout back. I want to be true to my fans and to myself, always. They support me and make me love what I’m doing.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

I was in Indianapolis and a couple of girls on the street asked me to take a picture with me. The two girls knew who I was and the other one thought I was someone else. We all laughed, but I think that one got teased by her friends.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

I use Twitter mostly, especially if I’m performing. But I also use FaceBook & Instagram ( @tylercoltmusic )

What’s an average day for you look like?

Well before right now, I was in high school so most of my day was in school, then I’d come home, have to do homework and get that out of the way, then practice my guitar & vocals, or have rehearsals. If it’s Friday, Sat, or Sunday, then I’d either be performing out at a club/venue or in the recording studio.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Whenever possible I hang with my friends. We’d either go to the beach and go slack lining, or bowling, golfing or air-softing. If I’m doing my own thing I’m just playing my guitar in my room & singing or trying to write a new song. I might also go for a drive in my car and stop to watch the sunset. It helps to clear my mind and get the creative juices flowing.

Whats the best thing thats come out of this career so far?

So far I’ve gotten to perform on stage with some really incredible rock icons, and remain friends with quite a few of them. So I’ve really been Blessed. I’ve got to meet some really talented people & helpful people along this journey. My guitar skills have really gotten stronger as well as my voice. Plus I have some original singles out there, I’m proud of that too.

What’s your biggest struggle in this career so far?

My biggest struggle has to be that I can’t write songs fast enough for me. When I try to sit and just write it’s hard. But if something has happened in my life then writing is easier. I wish I could just sit down and put a song on paper, but I can’t yet. Maybe that will come and maybe it’s better that it’s from experience.

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

Fast and the Furious oh wait that’s already been done, how about “My Life in a Fish Bowl”

Who would you want to play you?

A young Brad Pitt , some people said I looked a little like him in a movie short I acted in called “BackLash”

What goals have you set out for yourself in your career and in your personal life?

I want to continue to write more music, perform live, cause that’s what drives me. Also to complete an album of original songs. I want to do well in college so I have a degree behind me. Then do a big tour around the world not just in the US.

How has this whole music career experience been?

It’s been very positive for me thus far. I’ve met great people and had nothing but incredible experiences. Performing on stage has made me a better performer too. So I’d say so far it’s been great.

You can also play the guitar, bass, and drums. How long have you been playing each instrument?

I’ve been playing electric guitar for about 13 years and bass and drums for only about a year and a half. I wanted to be a well rounded musician and be able to play the parts to a song in my head without explaining it to someone. Plus it’s really fun to play drums & bass.

Whats your favorite instrument at the moment? Why?

It’d have to be my guitar, my Les Paul Epiphone. I just love the sounds it makes and it emulates how I might be feeling at that moment. It’s an extension of me.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Yeah, do what you love and practice, practice, practice. It’ll make you better at your craft. Follow your heart and be positive, don’t listen to people who want to belittle you or bring you down. It’s not their journey, you might fall a few times but get back up and keep going. It’ll make you great.

Do you have any last things you went to tell your supporters?

I just want to thank all of my fans, from the bottom of my heart, who support me and always have. It’s because of them that I’m here today. I’m nothing without YOU, I’m so grateful. Thank You!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview 🙂

Thank you, appreciate your time in taking interest in me and my career. Keep Rockin’ Peace