April 17, 2024

Florida-based post-grunge outfit, THE QUARANTINED have just unleashed their adrenaline pumping new single, “Shadow” to the masses.

Penned by lead singer, Sean Martin and the band’s producer, Matt Mancini, the  hard-hitting tune echoes nineties stalwarts like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots with its wailing vocals, crunchy guitars, and angst ridden lyrics. 

Using many genre influences and multiple lyrical styles, The Quarantined creates vivid imagery in their emotionally charged, socially critical songs that bring a personal example for awareness of global issues in society through a captivating aggression. The band is currently producing a documentary on their recording process, and new music videos are being planned with prominent producers across the world. They were also recently endorsed by Dirtbag Clothing, and are working in partnership with the prominent anti-bullying charity, Free2Luv.org

“Shadow” is now available as a single via Spotify and Bandcamp, and will also be appearing on their forthcoming “Aversion to Normalcy” EP.

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