July 25, 2024

Happy Friday, friends! With the uncertainties around us, it’s important for all Insiders to stay inside during this time and do our part to flatten the curve. What better way to stay home than to listen to incredible new music from across the board. From new Twenty One Pilots and Selena Gomez’s flirty new track, “Boyfriend,” and the iconic Dolly Parton’s re-release of 93 classic songs, to country newcomer Bailey Hefley’s re-imagined version of “Dust On A Diamond” — there is truly something for everyone this week. Check out the hottest releases of the week and add to your Work From Home playlist. Stay safe out there! 

Selena Gomez – “Boyfriend” (Official Video) 

Russell Dickerson – “Love You Like I Used To” (Official Video) 

Twenty One Pilots – “Level of Concern” 

Lennon Stella – “Fear of Being Alone” 

Bailey Hefley – “Dust On A Diamond (20 Mix)” <

Dolly Parton – “I’m Gone” 

Ryan Hurd – “Wish For The World” (Live Video) 

Charli XCX – “forever” 

Alec Benjamin – “Six Feet Apart” (Quarantine Song) 

Hayley Williams – “My Friend” 

Kenny Chesney – “Knowing You” 

Pink Sweat$ – “Ride WIth Me”