July 25, 2024

Hey Guys!! So excited to be chatting with you. You guys had your breakout moment in 2011 with your #1 Top 40 Radio single with the song “Tonight Tonight” which sold over 3M copies!! What was life like after your breakout single hit #1? 

Tonight Tonight was a full-on life changer.  It took us from literally switching shifts at the wheel of a van on a 36 hour drive… to being able to play shows with the confidence of knowing, no matter what… at least they’ll know ONE song. Haha 

What did the success of that single mean to each of you? Did you guys think it would be that big of a hit?

It’s so hard to say what a songs success means to each of us!  What a song means, and what success means, are two very different things.  Did I go from driving a MINI Cooper, to driving a newer MINI Cooper? For sure!  Did I get to embrace my love for high end watches?  Probably more than I should’ve.  But more than anything;  being able to play the music that we’d believed in for a long time, in front of the entire world, was such an amazing feeling… and couldn’t have felt better than doing it with my closest friends.

 After the success of “Tonight Tonight” you guys toured with some well known artists including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. What was it like touring with such well known artists?

They’re all such incredible artists and people.  We’ve been treated like family on all of these tours, but I have to say,  Demi has made such crazy impression on me with her  incredible level of integrity.  There was a night where I went to say hi to her at her show she’d played with Nick Jonas.  She was more stand off-ish than I expected, but I know how it is getting ready to go on stage.  She made sure to pull me aside afterwards and apologize if she’d seemed weird, saying she thought the friend I had brought was her ex!(It wasn’t).  I wish I could say that wasn’t a rare level of kindness and consideration, but it is!

 What led to you guys taking a break in 2015?

We ran into several issues.  We’ve remained friends throughout, so it wasn’t an issue with our relationships as much as… we were kind of cock-blocked in a creative sense.  We were making music we loved, and we proud of, but had no way of releasing it, or letting it see the light of day without an infinite amount of opinions dictating the art.  We’re so happy to be starting this new era off outside of a major label.  It’s been an incredible process to just make the music we love and are hyped on, and be able to drop it when we want!

 Can you tell us what you guys have been up to during your time off?

That’s the million dollar question.  I will say I’ve been able to sharpen my production skills, as well as song-writing chops since we took our break.  From having songs out with Meghan Trainor, to Britney Spears, or K-Pop groups to having been able to work on projects with one of my idols, Timbaland… coming back together after holding our own in the songwriting/production industr… has made it clear that we’re currently writing the best music of our lives. 

That’s so cool!! You guys have definitely had an eventful few years and I can’t wait to see all that you guys have in store. Like your upcoming EP “Tangerine”. It’s already gained a lot of attention from your supporters! What’s been your reaction to the success of the EP announcement?

Aside from the fact that all our friends have been making Tangerine their “Drunk Anthem” for the last year… It’s been so exciting chatting with fans, and getting their reactions on a song they know nothing about, other than the fact that apparently Tangerine costumes are about to be a thing on this upcoming tour!  You can expect to see some awkward Tangerine Mascots running around!

What led you guys to make the new EP? Why did you feel like now was a good time to get back into music?

We’ve been dying to get back into the “scene”.  We’ve been writing new music for the last year and a half, but until the songs have started to come out… it’s just been making us feel VERY pregnant.  The EP is a great way of showing our fans, old and new, what we sound like in 2020!   We picked our top 5 records we’ve been working on as our first step back into the ring.  The response on I Hate LA and Tangerine has been incredible; and it just makes us so pumped to keep dropping more music!

Any fun moments while creating the new EP?

Oh for sure!  Between making the EP in the studio, and playing it for our friends in cars and at parties… I think the most rewarding part has got to be seeing people you love, genuinely get into a song that you created out of thin air.  The first time we played Tangerine for anyone… we were on a trip to Costa Rica w 17 other people, and the whole crew went OFF to the song.  There’s not really a better way to get a sense of how much your song slaps than to play it for a group of friends that are about 5 shots past drunk. 

What do these five songs off your new EP mean to each of you? 

These songs mean different things to each of us, but to me they all represent a real life moment or attitude that one or all of us has had. 

Too Much was written in the same era as I Hate LA… where one of us was going through a break-up (thankfully it ended up working out), and we could all relate to how hard that is.  Tangerine is a song that’s a little more ambiguous.  It’s about someone or something that makes you feel so good, that nothing can really mess it up.  Even if a certain someone is CRAZY! 

STAY is a record that’s about the feeling of needing a rebound, no matter where it comes from.  WE’ve all been in the place of needing something to fill a void, even if it’s nothing more than that, and that’s when you need someone to just stay the night.

Do you plan on touring to promote the new EP?

Absolutely!  We sadly had to postpone our Tangerine Tour until the fall it looks like, since Coronavirus came out of nowhere right before we started rehearsals. Once we CAN get out there and tour, I’m willing to bet we’ll be putting some International stamps on our passports, as well as the dates that start us off in the US. 

What’s your friends and parents’ thoughts on the new music ?

We love our friends opinions, and our parents opinions… and we have some insane talent /taste surrounding us… but nothing matters more than finally releasing a song and being able to engage with our fans and see them fall in love with something we’ve created.

At the end of the day, we make music to share our heart and soul with whoever resonates with it!

Are there any other projects in the works you guys can tell us about?

We have a LOT of new music in the works.  We’ll be coninutally releasing music from here until, hopefully eternity.  This EP is just the beginning.  We’ll be dropping an album late this year, as well as music videos, and more new merch. 

What’s the best thing that’s come out of this career so far?

Being back in the mix, having an identity as a band, and creating with a purpose… and then doing it with your best friends… you really can’t beat that. 

What’s your biggest struggle in this career so far?

I think the past 5 years.  Finding ways to improve as a musician, songwriter and producer, as well as being able to check ego’s at the door and learn to prioritize relationships over anything else.  We’re truly best friends, and have always been able to hold on to that, but we’re willing to admit, it’s hard going on a hiatus after having hits, and just kind of “hanging out”.  We’re SO glad to back in action.

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

Just like it is, times a million.  We have the best fans ever.  Whether they’re South American, Indian, Japanese, Australian or American, they’ve rocked with us since day… 1 or 2 at least:).  The reaction to us releasing new music is everything we wanted and more, and we can’t wait to make a bajillion more new fans.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your fans?

I’d say Instagram.  At least in the form of comments and DMs, it’s a great way to directly connect with people around the world. 

What was the craziest fan encounter you guys have had?

Hmmmm.  Possibly a fan bringing his Fiancé to a show and proposing to her mid concert!  We got to be a part of something way more eternal and massive than just a single night!

Have you guys ever been starstruck by another artist?

Yes… but we’d each admit to being starstruck by people you wouldn’t necessarily expect.  Rhys Darby is one actor I’m such a fan of, that I literally wouldn’t even go bother to get a photo with.  I think the Nashville upbringing makes you want to give people their space… but it could’ve also been me just nerding out on some Flight Of The Conchords awesomeness.

If your lives were a movie, what would be the title?

Stop spending all your money on flights, sushi, clothes and tequila!  And then the end scene would be us, middle fingers up,  stuffing our faces… washing it down with 1942… wearing obnoxious clothes, in bali.

Who would you want to play each of you?

Brad Pitt on Acid, Robert Downey Jr.  Samuel L. Jackson, and Zoe Kravitz.  And NO I have no clue who plays who.   I just wanna see them try and be as insane as we are.

What impact do you want to leave on the music world?

US.  The most incredible compliment we can get, making this new music, is that it’s something no one could do expect for us.  We love carving out our own lane… and the more we record, the more hype we are to let everyone hear what we’ve got cookin!

What goals have you guys set out for the band?

Goals are weird. Possibly even toxic.  Personally I was always told to set goals, and try to achieve them.  I was also told to make sure and smell the flowers.  Every time I’ve achieved a goal in life, instead of celebrating, I’ve just switched my focus to the next goal.  That’s a never ending cycle.  We want greatness.  We want to be the most life changing music anyone has ever heard.  But we also find happiness in who we are, and our relationship with each other.  No failure or success can really change that… so everything we do from here on out is just icing on the cake!

Do you guys have any last things you want to tell your fans? 

Come see us on the Tangerine Tour!  We can’t wait to be back on the road, and see all of your beautiful faces singing along.  

The Tangerine EP will be out 4/3, so make sure you stay tuned for that as well!

We love making a difference to our fans.  Whether that’s being a party anthem, or writing the song someone gets married to, or even making a record that gets someone through a bout with depression.  Keep up with us on all the social platforms, and tell us your story!  You all are why we do this!