May 29, 2024

Hey Boom Dice and Charlotte Hannah! So excited to be chatting with you both! You just released your new single “Confidence”! How excited were you to get this song out into the world?

Bryan: Sooooo pumped! Trying to figure out the right time was the biggest issue. We sat on it for a while plotting. Charlotte and myself worked together on this one so well. She owns it and I think that is exciting to be working with and helping to shine a light on talent from the UK (and more specifically pop talent from the north too!)

Charlotte: Thank you for chatting to us, So Excited to speak with you too! We couldn’t wait to get ‘Confidence’ out into the world! Following what Bryan has said, this was such a fun collaboration and we’re both so passionate about the message of the song. 

Can you tell us the backstory of this song?

Bryan: I had been sitting on this beat for probably a year, and after a few different changes on how I was going to use it, I was put onto Charlotte by a music manager friend of mine. I loved her voice, look, and what she was doing to carve her path out there, and I thought this one would be a good beat to do with her. Turned out great when we facilitated the writing of the song because the concept is something I think the world needs right now amongst all the uncertainty.

Boom Dice, what was it like working with Charlotte Hannah on this single? What led you to asking her to be featured on this new song?

Bryan: Working with Charlotte is easy! She is energetic and enthusiastic, and has really clear creative ideas on how she wants things to turn out. For me, working with someone who puts in time and effort into their goals is how I choose who I want to work with. Artists that aren’t just dreaming of building their career but actually implementing steps toward that dream. Charlotte displays every bit of what makes a pop star, and for that reason, ‘Confidence’ was born. 

You also have more projects coming out in 2021!! Can you spill any details on what your supporters can look forward to from you next year?!?

Bryan: Oh yes!!!! I have a great series of releases planned for next year that are exploring some more trap/RnB avenues with global artists from Manchester (Via California), to Denmark, to Los Angeles and London. The great thing about lockdown is that it has forced many artists to start being proficient at engineering themselves in order to progress. You can’t always rely on having someone like myself to do it all for you when lockdown is around the corner. That uncertainty has allowed me to really focus on my label and artist showcase platform ‘Boom Dice Presents’ to figure out how I can help shine a light on those artists that need that extra level up in their sound and plans. 

Charlotte: As for what I’m up to next, I can spill that I have my next couple singles ready for next year, to be released early 2021.  In the meantime, I’m focusing on wrapping up the ones to follow after them and writing new material for the year ahead. 

Do you have a creative say in your music? Did you help write all your new songs?

Bryan: I wear so many different hats in the music industry and have for years which is the way I keep it exciting. On my own music, I am at the point now where I will do everything from Beatmaking, to Engineering, to Mixing, to Marketing afterward. I have really enjoyed being in the position to select the artists I collaborate with, and then pair them with other writers/topliners to see what we can come out with. I personally am not a lyric writer but I do as producer, often have specific guidance to offer on delivery, diction, melodic catchiness, suggesting changes to phrases that might sing better, and whatever else is needed to get the best possible outcome. So yes I am for sure hands on when it comes to the writing, but I also ensure the artists have that freedom to explore what they want and help make sure they have the right support to achieve that without getting in the way. 

Charlotte: I do yes, I am before anything a songwriter.  That is my passion and what drives me where it comes to music. My songs usually start off at the piano, and i’ll either finish them as a solo project or take them to my songwriting team.  When writing confidence it was fun to get everyone involved, the songwriters involved including Bryan and myself were Tom Barker, (who is also my Producer) Parisa Shahmir and Harriet Murdoch. We wrote Confidence together over Zoom calls in Lockdown 1. 

What’s it feel like to be releasing your own original music?

Bryan: It’s great! It feels like a natural step in the evolution of my career. The problem I couldn’t figure out an answer to in the last number of years was why I, as a producer that makes the music for artists, am I spending so much time with acts that don’t have a plan for themselves. I was often at the mercy of someone else’s decision on the fate of that piece of music which as someone who built their career on working with others, isn’t the spirit of collaboration. It didn’t make sense to me and is wasteful. At this stage of my career, fortunately I don’t have to take on just any job. This uncertainty and time wasting in pop writing sessions are prevalent, but since I have set up ‘Boom Dice Presents’, it allows me to not only be the decision maker behind who I continue to help, but it also serves as a catalyst for shining a spotlight on the huge amounts of roles and artists I have been lucky enough to work with over the years. And of course it is fun which is one of the main objectives of my work.

Charlotte: It’s wonderful. I’ve wanted to get my music out into the world for years. It’s great to be able to start telling my stories: whether it’s my outlook on scenarios, life experiences or world topics. It’s so exciting to be building up my discography and finally let people hear what i’ve been creating! 

Will there be a music video for your new single? If so, can you tell us about the concept of the video 🙂

Bryan: We have a dam good music video coming up soon that Charlotte has done entirely by herself. She filmed, edited, directed, and just about everything else you can think of. I am so impressed by the early cut I don’t want to spoil the idea, but it’s everything the song makes me feel in visual format. I can tell you it is Confident! I will let her spill the beans if she wants to 😉

Charlotte: Thank you Bryan !!! I am so excited about the music video. It’s my turn to wear many the many different hats here. I got my first taste of directing/editing when I had no choice but to produce my own music video in the middle of the UK’s lockdown this year for my single ‘Pretend to Forget.  Ever since this first taste of being in total control, I love the freedom and the project.  I then went on to direct my second music video at a Haunted House in West Yorkshire last month for my song ‘Poison’.  Which was themed around the Halloween season, with the help of a great camera crew too. Now back in the 2nd UK lockdown, I’m now back in my own hands for the Confidence Music Video where I fill each role from director to camera-woman to performer to stylist to editor, and I love it.  I am thrilled that Bryan is excited too and can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product.

What’s been the pros and cons of pursuing your music career?

Bryan: One of the cons of the business are watching those people who you thought supported you disappear when you outgrow or start to indirectly threaten their hustle. This of course is indicative of an ego, but it is an unfortunate by-product of the creative industries that I have encountered. I also often see many players (even those in positions of power) who are incapable of critical thought, sensible decision making, and even planning out their careers. This can apply across the board to artists, managers, A&R and so on. Because of that, there is a lot of time wasted on people that don’t want opportunities, think they need to behave in a certain way, or just shouldn’t be in business no matter what. So etiquette is a big con for me. 

A mixed pro and con is the technology side of music. In one sense, it has enabled those talents to DIY and get out there to establish themselves, but on the other hand, it has crowded the space with others who think they have what it takes. It has leveled the playing field in positive and negative ways forever. A huge pro is that you can have fun and make meaningful change to people’s lives through music though which outweighs the cons..

I must say, I don’t pay attention to the results of anything I work on for others, so the feeling of building your own artist/producer project is new for me still, but that is also exciting to see it connect with people globally. You need a thick skin, ability to perform at a high level for lengthy hours, willingness to educate yourself, ambition, planning, and of course talent. You also need to understand that progress isn’t overnight. The majority of  artists, management, producers, have been doing the long haul for years before anything meaningful happens. 

Charlotte: I second what Bryan says.  There is no such thing as an overnight success. The Music Industry isn’t the glittery glamorous place that you see from the outside. We know how to put on a show at the end of the day.  When I go on stage and dress up, it’s my time to express myself and be free to live in this fantasy of glitter and expression – but behind all that is a lot of hard work, late nights and messy hair.  I have pretty much grown up on the outskirts of the Music Industry, playing with my look and my sound and it’s led me to have a very level-head when it comes to the Industry.  I understand I’m in it for the long-haul (because I love it) and the importance of maintaining a fanbase by being consistent with releases. It’s not a simple task, being your own manager and doing all the admin jobs as well as making sure you have enough time to do what is most important – the MUSIC !! but I  do think it’s so important to be in control of your career nowadays, no one can be you but ‘you’ – right!?

Is there anyone you want to thank that’s helped you get to where you are today?

Bryan: I have had a giant list of who’s who behind the scenes of the music business have given me opportunity coming up. Producers/Mixers/Engineers like Paul Epworth, Craig Silvey, Fraser T. Smith etc.. that have allowed me to be creative, learn, and basically be a sponge to figure out my own path. While I feel like I am just starting, I have had the pleasure of being able to make a living from making music professionally for over a decade at this point in the studio world.

Charlotte: My Parents, my family!! Alike Bryan I have a list a mile long of people who have helped me along the way. They know who they are.  Whether it’s the support from my Parents, along-side them being ‘roadies’ for a gig night or putting up with me recording till 3am to my musical team of Producers/Writers who have guided me and helped my career grow. 

What do you think makes your fan community/fandom different from others?

Bryan: I will leave this one to Charlotte! The main thing I have noticed from anyone that listens to my music so far (and this is new keep in mind!) is that they are music lovers generally speaking. Despite the genre, they can get down which is great since this is how my music taste is.

Charlotte: I’ve seen many fandoms which are simply full of love, and I’m super happy to say mine is exactly the same.  The support and kindness I receive from fans is incredible! I hope they know how much I appreciate them.  One think we can surely stand for is, alike Bryan said it’s the music which has brought everyone together. I love to see that people of all ages and backgrounds love my music, that makes me very happy! 

How would you describe your fans? What’s three words you would use to describe your fans?

Charlotte: FULL OF LOVE.

What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

LOVE YOURSELF. I want them to feel empowered when they listen to my music & to be happy. To smile, dance, let go and enjoy the music.  If there’s anything I want to stand for it’s showcasing an image that says ‘love yourself as you are’ i want you to feel confident and powerful in the skin you’re in. 

What do you want your supporters to know that you think is important?

Bryan: That it is ok to collaborate with and support each other as independent artists. Why not do it collectively. That level of kindness is free.

Charlotte: Life is too short, choose happiness. 

What’s something your fans don’t know about you? 

Bryan: I have been to about 55 countries and counting so far! 

Charlotte: My star sign is PISCES and I’m obsessed with Astrology! 

What’s one word you would use to describe what your fans have allowed you to accomplish?

Charlotte: Freedom! 

What do your fans call themselves? And How did that fanbase name catch on?

Charlotte: The ‘Charlotteers’ !!!! 

Ok so, one of my first ever fans ‘Sophie’ came up with the name and it stuck.. and I love it! Like the ‘Musketeers’ the ‘Charlotteers’ are a real community and that is why the name is so perfect. I chat to my Chariotteers all the time, we have a Private group chat on Instagram where I tell them secrets about my upcoming music and we keep in touch and get to know each other. It is lovely.  If anyone wants to join the chat all they have to do is message me on Instagram and I’ll add them into the community. 

What do you want your fans to know if they ever see you in public?

Bryan: Come talk to me about your fav song and why! 

Charlotte: Come and say HIIIIIIIYAAA !!!

Is there anyone in the music business you are dying to meet?

Bryan: Quincy Jones for me. He is legend and seems full of nuggets of wisdom. He is one dude I would love to sit down with and talk to. 

Charlotte: Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga! They are such Role-Models, I’d LOVE to meet them, and even sing with them one day.

What’s your current go-to song? 

Bryan: I gotta say that Jessie Reyez (not just because she is a fellow Canadian) is basically on my radar all the time now. Such a great emotional, and real, raw talent there. Would love to work with her sometime.

Charlotte: I’m loving ‘Like That’ by GRACEY. What a BOP !!! 

Why do you think social media is so important for teen artists like yourself?

Charlotte: It’s a great way to share your music with the whole world.  Everything is so accessible nowadays, people from literally every corner of the planet can find out about you! It’s exciting! 

What would you say is your biggest dream/goal right now?

Bryan: Developing Boom Dice Presents into a new music discovery platform and launchpad for the best global talent. A name that transcends genres and ability to pigeonhole associated artists into a box. That help I provide will ultimately reflect back on my skills and grow the operation internationally. That has been my focus for the last year or so and will continue into the future. 

Charlotte: To make an impact in music! To grow my audience, release music i’m passionate about and sustain a life-long career in music. 

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Bryan: I really hope you dig ‘Confidence’ and hope it helps you feel that way too. Thank you for listening to that, and supporting Charlotte and all the other acts I am lucky to release with. Boom Dice is just winding up so stay tuned for the freshest sounds from the international music community! 

Charlotte: Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us and our single ‘Confidence’.  I really hope that you LOVE IT and that it brings you some confidence today. Thanks for supporting Bryan and I! Now… “Show me that confidence” 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions 🙂