June 9, 2023

16 year old singing sensation SUMMER Rios has signed a production/singles deal with All Star Music/KWIL And Ink/EMPIRE. Her debut single “Trippin” will street on 5/29/20. The song was produced by Dr. Luke/Prescription Songs songwriter/producer Kipp Williams, PKA KWIL. In April of 2019, Summer released a cover video of the song “River” by Bishop Briggs, which went Viral, and caught the attention of many industry insiders. To date, the video has a combined total (Instagram and You Tube) of 10,653,355 views. SUMMER had this to say about writing and recording her single: “I was living my dream that I had since I was a little girl, but instead it was reality and I couldn’t of been happier then I was that day:)”


SUMMER was born to sing! Her Mother was a singer who competed in talent shows and competitions when she was SUMMER’S age. She became an inspiration to SUMMER to pursue singing as a career. When SUMMER was young, she would have singing sessions with her mom in the car when they drove to the store. The first song that SUMMER ever learned was “Glamorous” by Fergie. SUMMER would burst out into a private concert to this song. As time passed, SUMMER’S love for music increased and she started posting cover songs on her Instagram. At age 14, SUMMER went Viral with millions of views of her cover songs.  In April of 2019, Summer released a cover video of “River” by Bishop Briggs, which went Viral, and caught the attention of many industry insiders. To date, the video has a combined total (Instagram and You Tube) of 10,653,355 views.  More recently SUMMER was signed by All Star Music Group in partnership with Dr. Luke/Prescription Music songwriter/record producer Kipp Williams, PKA KWIL. SUMMER loves her fans and wants them to know that she is a normal teenager, just like them. She puts her emotions and feelings into her songs. SUMMER is inspired by and hopes to collaborate one day with BIllie Eilish, Alissa Cara, Camila Cabello, and Sam Smith. SUMMER is excited to release her debut single “Trippin” which will be available on all formats 5/29/20.


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/summerrios/

Tik Tok:  https://vm.tiktok.com/3WNcBf/      

You Tube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmoqQeGcDwttvfpzV6gWzaA