July 25, 2024
CCCCCalling all Sammy Wilk fans! By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that Wilk’s video for “Ready For War” was just released.
If you don’t know who Sammy Wilk is, Sammy is an internet phenomenon known for being invited to tour with the Magcon boys back in 2014. His album, “Ready For War” was released on iTunes this year. His first
video on Vine in 2013 attracted over 200,000 subscribers after just one year on the internet. Sammy is also known for collaborating with fellow Vine stars, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson.How awesome that must be to be friends with Jack & Jack.


Let’s take a little bit of a closer look at the “Ready For War” album, shall we?

Sammy Wilk - Aye Ma (Official Music Video)

His album has a total of twelve tracks on it starting with “Aye Ma”, and ending with “1 Life 2 Live”. There is a lot of very interesting titles that really make you want to listen to them. We’re going to watch the “Ready For War” video and see what all the buzz is.


Okay, I just listened to the song for the first time, and I can honestly say that I am obsessed. Sammy is not only such a cutie, but his voice is very angelic. The first thing I thought while watching the video is that it
 sounds very beachy, and like something Emblem3 would sing. Not only is this a very catchy song, but it is also very relatable to young people. Come on, ladies. You can’t tell me that you’ve never had to sneak around
with your boyfriends because of the major fact that your father didn’t agree, or thought that he wasn’t good enough to be with his daughter. Personally, my dad thinks nobody will ever be good enough for his

I am so in love with this video. Can we just talk about how well everything goes together? His beachy style and the beat of the song collide together so perfectly to make such an amazing song. (Kind of like how when One Direction sings together…it’s pure magic).

I am definitely a fan of Sammy now. If you’re a fan, or even if you aren’t a fan just yet, give him a chance because you will be by the end. He is definitely my new music obsession!
From his adorable to die for smile, to his style, tattoos and his music, he is all around perfection and I just can’t seem to get enough.
Did I mention his jawline? He kind of reminds me of Kian Lawley and Marcus Johns. Time to listen to the whole album now. Amazing work, Sammy! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Who knows…maybe he’ll even win a Grammy one day.