July 21, 2024
Social media sensation and widely known icon, Taylor Caniff is mostly known for his popular channels on YouTube and Vine. He is also a member of the very famous web group Magcon, along with famous Vine stars, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Matthew Espinosa, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Aaron Carpenter, and Carter Reynolds. Besides being wildly successful for his hilarious videos online, what else is going on with Taylor?
Well, it was recently announced that Taylor and close friend Cameron Dallas will be getting a Netflix reality show! How exciting is that?! Here’s what we know about the show so far: Not tons. We don’t know when the premiere is going to be, how long of a series it will be, and we don’t even know the name just yet.
Taylor accidentally confirmed that he would be in the Netflix series, tweeting “See, Cam just posted on Instagram…so shit I guess I’ll let you guys know I’m apart of that too!”
He then took to Twitter a second time saying, “Fact that I’m recording a reality T.V show with Netflix is fucking crazy.” It looks though as if Taylor has deleted those tweets since then.
Whatever the case, I probably speak for all Magcon fans when I say how exciting it is to see something a little bit different coming from Cam and Taylor. Maybe there will even be some Magcon cameos as well! Hopefully Nash Grier and Hayes Grier will make an appearance or two after Hayes is nice and recovered from his accident from a dirt bike on Thursday that left the 16-year-old in the hospital with injuries.
Anyways, congratulations on all of success, Taylor and we cannot wait to see what amazing things you bring to Netflix! Fans, be prepared for what’s coming! We’re positive whatever you do, it’s going to make us laugh as usual. Keep up the good work! It’s going to be amazing! We will let you know more about this new Netflix series as soon as we find out, so be sure to check back to TMI for more celebrity news.