May 29, 2024

What inspired you to pursue music?

I wanted to pursue music from a really young age. Decidedly at 3 years old I knew I wanted to be a singer but I don’t think I really understood what nor how I truly wanted to do it until I started writing and recording at around age 13. I was lucky because I actually had an older cousin that was a producer for TV music, so that was where I got the idea to start writing my own songs and amazingly somebody who would record and produce my first demo at that age. For me, that was the “aha!” moment that I knew this is what I truly wanted to do with my life; to make music.

What message do you want your music to have?

Music for me when I started was a bit of an escape, I had a hard time feeling comfortable in a lot of social situations but the studio was someplace where I always felt safe, confident, and understood. The songs I make are a balance between the safety of a fantasy that music gives me and the everyday life I live & experience or that others go through around me. I guess what I want people to take away is that when they hear my music I want them to feel a bit of an escape or departure from everyday life but also to be able to relate to the emotions and stories.

What have you gained from working with so many amazing writers and producers in your career?

What I’ve learned from working with so many awesome musicians is that we never stop learning and being open to new things is so important. The most talented & successful people I’ve been around are actually the most humble and very patient, two keys to success I think. Many people have tricks and little things they do to add their flare to a record but at the end of the day the best thing you can have in the room is creative chemistry with your producer or cowriters when making great music.

You just released your first music video for your new song “King” the other day, What was the process to make your debut music video?

I had a great time making “King” because the director/producer team I worked with Lyka are actually close friends of mine. They know a lot about me as a person and my music which made it really special. I also think working with women, which Lyka is made up two boss females, is awesome because they really understood my thought process and vision for myself.

Any fun/memorable moments while on set?

Many! My male lead and I had only met once before so going from just chatting to half dressed and holding each other in front of a whole set of people, is quite a leap. But we decided to have fun with and just go for it. There was a lot of laughter behind the scenes. Another was that we actually hadn’t planned on having a puppy in the video till a day or so before, one of the heads of the production company we worked with called Nyla had a few weeks old French Bulldog named Kaia that totally stole the show and we had to have her in the video. The cuteness on set was unreal.

Do you have any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Yes ! I have a lot of new music coming your way as well as a new video for my latest single “Sade” dropping and upcoming performances. – Ryder will be performing May 25th at So Far Sounds LA and June 5th at the peppermint club

Whats an average day like for you?

Typically I wake up very early around 7:30am and start working on the computer, catching up on emails checking in with my team members, and on my schedule, platforms, sites and socials then I’ll grab breakfast or a smoothie and head to a morning workout on the days I don’t have morning meetings, back to back calls, or voice lessons. My favorites are pilates, dance, yoga (I was a late bloomer but starting to really appreciate it!) or some kind of cardio class. Sessions usually start around noon haha very few producers wake up early. Then I’ll usually be working nonstop in the studio until 7:30, some days go later into the evening depending on where we are in the process. The studio is totally my happy place, I don’t really even need breaks to leave. Going in so many hours of focused creative brain power can you leave you pretty tired by the end. I try to get a melody, lyrics and vocals laid down all in one day ideally but sometimes you only have one or two with hours and hours of tweaking to come back another day and finish. I’ll get home around 8:30/9 have dinner at a local spot then just relax and unwind at home. Because I sing so much during the week, I have to rest my voice in the evenings after I sing in order to be able to do 4-5 days of nonstop singing.

What do you hope to gain from this career?

I love music and only want to keep making it and connecting with more people. How lucky is it to wake up everyday to do the thing that you love most and to get to the end of the day and have created something that didn’t exist before. Of course I have dreams of Grammy’s and Worldwide tours, but making music successfully is all I’ve ever wanted.

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Just that more is on the way, much more! What comes out is only one part of picture. Behind the scenes I’ve been relentlessly making new music for the past year that I think will really show people a different side of me as a more mature, developed creative. I just want to keep growing and want my supporters and I to grow together!