July 21, 2024


Shares “Sad Summer” Music Video


Announces Live From Home Concert September 21st,

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Out September 25th

Alt-pop songstress Ronnie Watts is making the most of her “Sad Summer” with the release of her impromptu dance-filled music video. Filmed entirely in her local grocery store, Ronnie and friends roam the aisles in face masks, creating a fun, imaginative visual that is connected by the song’s first words. Behind the spontaneously fun-filled video comes an evocative and emotional single on fleeting love. Fittingly referred to by Ronnie as “heartbreak, but make it pop music”

Ronnie’s creative prowess paves a bright future for the rising pop artist. Breaking out of Western New York her imaginative and moving tracks have connected with a global growing audience. The Rochester native’s delicate vocals and evocative songs not only earned her Tilly’s “Social Star Search Contest” and the title of “Best Local Song” on WNY radio, but also caught the attention of Universal UK management / label imprint W!ZARD Talent, who quickly signed the talented teen.

On the video Ronnie explains, “It was super spontaneous and I decided to make it with my friends at a spur of the moment. We filmed it at our local grocery store and it was just really fun to dance around and embarrass ourselves. We were definitely getting some concerned looks from people. I wanted to nod to this summer and everything happening with COVID. I think being in a grocery store and having to wear masks kind of shows the more depressing side of everything, but the goal of the video was to brighten up the whole grocery store. The whole thing was shot on my iPhone and a GoPro we connected to a grocery cart. It was really chill. Ollie Rillands edited it all together and made it look so cool.”

In addition to the video, Ronnie has announced her upcoming Live From Home Show. The virtual concert will be held Monday, September 21st at 8PM ET. Ronnie will play her new EP ‘I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL’ in its entirety, from the comfort of her bedroom to you in the comfort of yours – plus her previous singles and upcoming, never-before-heard releases for 2021. Tickets are on sale now and can be bought HERE with 50% of the proceeds going to the Jed Foundation.

Since her signing, Ronnie has elevated her sound with each release displaying the growth as an artist and deepening vulnerability. In all aspects Ronnie has pushed herself as an artist, both in her music and the visuals that accompany them. Not only does her music resonate with fans across the world, but her level of introspection is resounding. Her myriad of impressive talents can be seen and heard in her upcoming debut EP, ‘I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL’, set to release on September 25th, 2020.

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Rising from the suburbs of Rochester, New York is an artist on her way to stealing the top spot on everyone’s playlist.

Ronnie Watts discovered her ability to sing like many others before her – at a young age she was sat in her parent’s bedroom when her mother caught her singing along to a pop song before screaming in excitement – however, everything since then has been wholly unique. In her nostalgic, classic style, Ronnie Watts has spent most of her youth honing her song-writing ability, building a recording studio in her basement, and journaling her heartbreak through the lens of pop music.

Along the way, she’s picked up a slew of dedicated followers on social media, collaborated with producers such as Lemarroy (Sony Music Mexico) on original music and become a regular on the live circuit in New York.

What makes Ronnie Watts connect is her ability to, after singing just a few lyrics, make the walls fall from around you and place you exactly in the time and place she’s singing about – which, much of the time, is somewhere between youthful bliss and teenage angst; a fine line relatable to many of Ronnie’s young followers.

Simply put: Ronnie Watts is the modern hero for the suburban teen spending their nights listening to heartbreak tunes in their bedroom.

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