June 17, 2024
Ronnie Watts has returned, bringing new life and a new friend into her single, “You Said” with British singer-songwriter Zach Oliver. Originally taken from her debut EP, I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL, released last year, the new “You Said” shows a different side and new meanings to the tragic indie-pop ballad.
After traveling hours to meet up with a lover, she arrived at the train station only to realize he wasn’t there, wasn’t coming and had left her to be with another girl. “You Said” was the catalyst and offers a raw insight into modern-day teen heartbreak. With Zach Oliver’s addition his gentle vocals compliment the single, offering answers to what wrong went wrong.
On the new version Ronnie explains, “I love that we get to show another perspective to this song. ‘You Said’ and the EP, ‘I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL,’ have one consistent storyline, but we wanted to show that in a relationship, neither person is perfect. We’re both flawed and we see the same situation in different ways.”
With just simple acoustic guitar strings, spacious vocals and moving harmonies “You Said” captivates in its ability to be so simple and so touching all at the same time.
For the two blooming pop artists the chemistry came naturally. On working with Ronnie, Zach explained, “After hearing “You Said” and chatting to Ronnie about what it meant to her, I thought it was such a great idea for her to want an opposite perspective on what the song would mean to the other half of the situation. I was honestly blown away at how easy she made it to discuss connecting deeply to making music and how we use it to reflect what is going on in our lives.”
“You Said” marks Watts’ second collaboration of the year. The release follows recent chart successes, with Ronnie charting at #26 on the Shazam Charts and #25 on the Spotify Viral 50 in 2021. In January she released “WAKE UP” with British artist Jorlov who Variance Magazine praised was, “A beacon of light for those struggling with depression, anxiety and feeling otherwise hopeless.”
Last year, Ronnie Watts released ‘I Don’t Trust U At All.’ The project garnered over 1 million streams and praises from American Songwriter, Pop Justice, Pop-Culturalist, Spindle and more. Since then Ronnie released a new version of her breakout single “Famous In California” and remix to the track “Sad Summer.” “Sad Summer” caught the attention of multi-platinum selling artist and “Hey, Soul Sister” singer Pat Monahan of Train.
Through each of her releases, Ronnie has elevated her sound while deepening her vulnerability. In all aspects, Ronnie has pushed herself as an artist, displaying growth and consistently releasing songs and visuals that speak to her level of introspection. This latest collaboration continues to highlight Ronnie’s effortless ability to emotionally connect with her audience working with artists from all genres.
Listen to “You Said:” HERE
Rising from the suburbs of Rochester, New York is an artist on her way to stealing the top spot on everyone’s playlist.
Ronnie Watts discovered her ability to sing like many others before her – at a young age she was sat in her parent’s bedroom when her mother caught her singing along to a pop song before screaming in excitement – however, everything since then has been wholly unique. In her nostalgic, classic style, Ronnie Watts has spent most of her youth honing her song-writing ability, building a recording studio in her basement, and journaling her heartbreak through the lens of pop music.
Along the way, she’s picked up a slew of dedicated followers on social media, collaborated with producers such as Lemarroy (Sony Music Mexico) on original music and become a regular on the live circuit in New York.
What makes Ronnie Watts connect is her ability to, after singing just a few lyrics, make the walls fall from around you and place you exactly in the time and place she’s singing about – which, much of the time, is somewhere between youthful bliss and teenage angst; a fine line relatable to many of Ronnie’s young followers.
Simply put: Ronnie Watts is the modern hero for the suburban teen spending their nights listening to heartbreak tunes in their bedroom.
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