April 19, 2024

   Dina Renee is a pop artist and songwriter originally from Knoxville, TN now living in Los Angeles, CA. Can’t Let You Go is her first single of 2021. Her original plan was to release this song with a line up of singles throughout 2020 until the pandemic hit. This put her in a position of trying to make ends meet without live shows which is a musicians main source of income. As many know, streams do not support an artist’s career and are under a penny per stream. She had to get extremely creative making her studio apartment in Hollywood into a Barbie style photoshoot spot. She started getting bookings through Peerspace and was able to make a consistent income which gave her the freedom to work on music while supporting herself. Since then, she’s been working on new music and still renting out her studio apartment. 

Dina grew up listening to artists such as Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. Her goal is to bring her 90s influences with a modern twist while writing about her real life experiences. This particular song is about going back to the same person over and over. “I knew he was just going to break my heart again but I kept falling for him. I started realizing this was a pattern with my love life at the time and wanted to write this song as I felt people could relate to it.” explains Dina. The song features Dina’s unique vocals over a driving dance beat giving the perfect mix of catchy pop and electronic elements. 

Dina started writing songs when she was a kid and decided after graduating college to make the move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Since then, she has been featured on several publications and gained over a million streams across all platforms. She also has built up a fanbase independently with over 200k followers on social media giving her the opportunity to work with several major brands and start her own merch line.

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