May 19, 2024

Hey Sara!! So excited to be chatting with you!! Now that it is officially fall!! How was your summer?

My summer was great! It was my first summer living here in Tennessee so I spent it boating and adventuring!

You just released your new SURPRISE single “Ghost”!! How excited are you that your new single is finally out into the world?

I’ve wanted the world to hear my song Ghost ever since the day Tom Pino and I wrote it. I really love this song and it came to life in the studio so I’m so happy that’s it’s out for the world to hear.

What’s been your reaction to all the success the new single has been having?!?

I’m so happy that everyone seems to be loving this song. I know that I love it and to have other people love it too is just such a great feeling.

Why did you decide to keep this single a surprise?

I thought it would be a fun thing to do, a surprise song!

What does this song mean to you?

This song means a lot to me because it was such a cool and unique song to write. I think anyone that’s ever had their heart broken can relate to this song.

You also surprised fans with a music video!! How did the idea for the music video come about?

Everyone on my team, myself included, thought that this song was just too unique and fun to not have a music video. So the producer, Nate Wiles, and I sat down and came up with the storyboard for it and we shot it mid August.

What inspired you to pursue music?

I’ve been playing instruments and singing since I was a little girl so music has always been apart of my life. When I started performing that really inspired me to pursue music. 

How would you describe your musical style?

I would say it’s new country with an old flare.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Funny, honest, homebody, observant, coffee-lover.

What artists do you look up to right now?

Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves 

Why do you think social media is so important for teen artists today? 

Social media is such a great outlet for artists today to release their music. In today’s world with the technology we have anyone has a chance for success.

With a massive following already your supporters must have a name for themselves. Does your fan base have a name?

Not yet, but hopefully we’ll have one soon! We are taking suggestions so help us out!

How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters? 

The way I see it anyone that supports my music is more than just a fan they are my friend. So that’s what the relationship is, we’re all just a whole bunch of friends that love music.

What’s the feeling you get when meeting your supporters?

There is no greater feeling than someone coming up to you and telling you how much they love your music and how they relate to it. I don’t even think there’s a word in the dictionary to describe how great of a feeling that is.

What type of music are you leaning towards for your music career?

Country music!!

Any other fun things in the works you can tell us about?

There’s something pretty big on the horizon for 2020 and of course there’s always new songs in the works.

What’s an average day for you look like right now?

I wake up and make coffee because I can’t live without it and then I’ll probably write songs for a lot of the day if I don’t have a gig or other errands to run. 

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Thanks for continually supporting me and loving my music! I love you guys!