June 17, 2024

What inspired you to pursue music?

I was always into music. I started playing drums at age 3, piano at 6 and guitar at 12, so it’s always been in my life. But around the middle of high school they introduced music classes in our school program, and that was a game changer. My teachers and classmates kinda identified me as the “entertainer” from then on and I started performing during the school events and all that, and that’s when I realized it could turn into a job!

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Well I was born in the French part of Canada, so I do survive on maple syrup and hockey! I always had a thing for English and American music even before I learned to speak the language, and always loved traveling. So right now I’m glad my job allows me to do both music and travel. I already have a bunch of countries visited, and I wanna keep discovering different places and cultures, and meet great people across the world.

What artists do you look up to right now?

I’ve always been a fan of good music, doesn’t matter the genre, and it hasn’t changed. I think lately Imagine Dragons and 5 Seconds of Summer are doing some awesome music, J.Cole is very solid too, and I still remain an eternal fan of Paul McCartney who came up with another great album last year. I mean, we’re 50 years after The Beatles and he still rocks, it’s crazy!

You just released your new single “Can’t Let You Go”! Can you tell us what this song means to you?

It’s the official start to my solo career, so it’s a song that has an important meaning to me in that sense. As for the meaning of the song itself, I really just wanted to talk about this feeling you get in relationships sometimes where you connect with someone in a way that whatever happens, no matter how hard or tricky it gets, you just don’t want to let go.

Can you spill any details about the new song?

It’s the first of a series of songs that I’m planning to release over the year. Make sure to keep your ears ready!

What song has been your favorite to release? And why?

My band’s first single “So Far Away” was our first professional radio release ever, and it went up the charts all the way to Top 5 where I’m from, so you can imagine how stoked we were! The first few months were kinda unreal, opening the radio, or going to McDonald’s and hearing my song. That’s an awesome memory for me as an artist.

What is your favorite song to perform live?

My song “Sing It Louder’ is an amazing track to perform live. It’s a super cool ballad, and there’s always this sing along part that everyone can sing with me, so I love to let people sing by themselves every now and then in the track. And that back and forth between the crowd and myself is really cool to see.

What does it feel like to perform your own music live in front of your supporters?

It’s the greatest feeling. The making of a track is awesome, the studio and everything, but the feeling for me when I’m in front of my audience and playing the songs for them, I mean, it’s unreal! I’m a performer first you know, so obviously I’m really looking forward to going on tour again and play those new tracks!

How do you want your relationship to be with your supporters?

I just want it to be as genuine as possible. I’m a simple guy who wants to share his story and music in the hopes of helping people feel better, the same way it helps me feel better in my own life you know.

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters?

Instagram and Facebook are the ones I’m the most active on. You can DM me too, I always try to make sure I can answer to everyone, and as fast as possible!

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

Nothing is ready to be confirmed yet, but I’m definitely working on some various projects for music and videos that will come out in the upcoming year. So definitely stay tuned for that!

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Share the love you guys! My music is for everybody, any origin, belief, or orientation. Music is meant to unite, and I think that’s the main goal of our generation: Let’s get together!