June 17, 2024

You just released your new single “Pumpkin Pie” and it has already gained a lot of attention from your fanbase, what has been your thought on the reaction of the song?

  • The reaction we’ve gotten so far to “Pumpkin Pie” has been incredible! When you release your art out into the world, awaiting the reaction can be nerve-wracking, so I’m really happy that people are able to relate to and enjoy this song. I’ve received videos of people jamming to it and singing along and that really puts a smile on my face.

Any fun moments while creating the song?

  • One particular fun moment we had while creating the song was when we discovered the “pick scratch.” That’s the sound after the drop-out and the line, “Tell me nothing’s changed,” in the second verse. We were just playing around between takes when we heard that sound, which you can make by sliding your guitar pick down the neck of the guitar against the string, and my eyes went wide. I said, “WE HAVE TO USE THAT!” And so we did. 

Can you tell us about the music video for the new single? How did the idea for the music video come about?

  • The video for “Pumpkin Pie” is meant to portray two parallel worlds. The girl is trapped in a box.  The woodland fairy is essentially the mastermind in charge of the girl’s destiny. She gives her gifts, like the pie and the prince. The girl is curious about the world outside and she dreams of escaping. Once outside, she realizes that she was happy in the box, but that she was lonely. At the end, the girl is no longer alone, because the woodland fairy locks the prince inside the box with her. He seems happy about it though! I guess he likes pie!
  • The song is about a complicated relationship. The couple fights, but they love each other and neither one wants to end it because they have become comfortable in their turmoil. They ultimately end up together.

Can you tell us about the music video for the new single? How did the idea for the music video come about?

  • The music video was a family affair. My parents, my sister, and I all contributed to the storyboard, and the video idea went through a lot of different stages before we finally decided on the final one. We were going for a whimsical, fairytale story that leaves you wondering.  What is real? Is it a dream? Who knows? What’s funny is that the “cartoon” scenes were an afterthought. We had finished the first cut of the video and were getting ready to release it, but we all decided something was missing… so I said, “What if all the woods scenes were in cartoon?” And I think that choice really helped tell the story.

Are you planning to release an EP or Album anytime soon?

  • I’m finishing up my first album now and plan to release it in the spring of 2019! I’m really excited about the music and the opportunity to work with other great musicians on this album. I might share some of the new music a little early since I’m not very good at keeping things to myself. So be on the lookout for another single, coming soon!

Why do you think social media is so important for artists today?

  • Social media is definitely an important tool because it allows artists to reach a wide audience and helps them stay connected with their fans. I think the convenience of being able to use a cell phone or laptop to explore new music makes everything so much more accessible and easy to share. Also, social media is a way for new or independent artists to gain a following without a record label. That said, social media is not everything. I think sometimes, and I’m guilty of this myself, we can become too involved in social media, comparing ourselves to others. I try not to let social media be a distraction from what’s really important to me: creating my art and sharing my point of view through music.

How do you want your relationship to be like with your supporters?

  • I want my relationship with my supporters to be honest and positive. I really appreciate questions and comments, and love to see fans giving feedback and spreading the word about my new releases.

What type of music are you leaning towards for your music career?

  • The album I’m working right now is mostly rock. My sister and I, however, sing together as a duo, called “Madison Fayre,” and our genre together has a more country/Americana influence. I’ve always been interested in a wide range of genres, from Paramore’s alt/rock to Marian Hill’s EDM, as well as old school tracks from artists like RUN-DMC, the Eagles and Bob Dylan. I hope to have a long music career where I will be able to cross genres, the way artists like Lady Gaga and Sia have done.

Any other fun things in the works you can tell us about?

  • Aside from “Pumpkin Pie” and my album in the works, my new Domino’s commercial just started airing nationally and I have a commercial for “Olumiant” on the way. I also have some upcoming performances that I will be posting about on my Instagram and other socials! 

Any last things you want to tell your supporters?

  • I want to thank everyone who has been streaming and downloading my music, taking the time to watch my videos, and checking out my social media pages. Your support means the world to me. And if you haven’t already, please follow me @pipermadison @pipermadisonofficial. Thank you!