June 20, 2024

Hi Native Wellz! Thank you so much for being here today! We hear that your new single came out on Friday, January 8th!! Tell us about that!

well the single was pushed back for February Release because of some technical difficulties, but yeh the single is something different not your original club song or song that makes you want to dance I wanted to bring storytelling back to hip-hop I wanted to bring back lyrics, and not just running to a beat.

What do you enjoy most about playing and making music?

what do I enjoy most about making music, is the clearity that I have when Im in the studio and it’s like my get away from the world, when your in the studio there’s no phone ringing you don’t have to worry about what bills you have to pay or which ones your late on it’s just you and the beat.

Is there a particular theme you are trying to capture when creating new music?

not a particular theme just good music. That’s all I want to creat is good music, music that people can relate to music that people can get up and dance to and music that is timeless.

Tell us about your favorite performance in your career thus far? 

my favorite performance this far definitely has to be the last stop on my Easy Coast Tour a place call Strokers it’s it was amazing so many people people that watch me grow from a young man promoting other clubs and passing out flyers to the artist that I am today.

What sets your music apart from others? What makes it unique? 

I think what sets me apart from others is my Drive and ambition of wanting to succeed in this business i remember when I started doing music I use to say to myself why do I want to this everybody is doing the same thing I’m doing, but then I said to myself but not everyone have the same drive that same hunger no one is willing to sacrifice like you, but also I think my ryme flow is different I can catch a beat with no problem I can flow on any beat and I know how to ride a beat.

What is the best piece of advice another musician has ever given you?

the best piece of advise another artist gave me was to never stop talent speaks for it’s self talent comes naturally without even trying and you have it.

Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you in 2021! 

everyone can stay in contact with me and always be up to date with the latest music at www.Nativewellz.com or follow me on Instagram @official_nativewellz or on facebook Nativewellz.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!!!

Thanks for your time I really appreciate it