April 19, 2024

Many know Matthew Espinosa as that funny guy from Vine, but there’s much more to him than that. Yes vine was his platform to fame but he has used it to spread a positive message. Whether he is coming out with a new funny skit or being serious and talking about a serious current event there is always something to keep you entertained on his YouTube channel. He has recently branched out and started to launch his acting career something he has been working very hard towards and something that many fans are proud of. Recently he faced some controversy but he didn’t let that stop him and neither did his fans. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him and he just is full of energy and laughter and loves being around people that spread positivity. His newest project is a book he wrote. The book is called “More Than Me” and I highly recommend that you go and pre-order it – http://smarturl.it/MoreThanMe 

-Katelyn Thompson

Photo Source: Matthew Espinosa