April 13, 2024

A few days ago Jack and Jack blessed us fans with a new music video for their new hit single, “All Weekend Long”!

The music video seemed to follow the Jacks on one of their fun weekends in Malibu. It started off with them heading to the beach to watch the sunrise. It then went on to a barbecue that included many of their friends. Some of the friends included Sammy Wilk, Madison Beer, & many more! They then sat on their roof shirtless and danced while Jack J rapped! Then the Jacks played with their cute pup Cub.


I don’t want to spoil it all, so you will have to watch to find out what other cool stuff the Jacks do in their new music video.

In the “All Weekend Long” Music Video, the director made it look like we were hanging out with Jack And Jack on one of their fun weekends. This aspect and for so many more reasons this became my all time fave music video by them so far.

The video has only been out for 3 days and already has over 250K views and over 50K likes. Great Job Guys! Can’t Wait To Hear The New Music And See More Music Videos Like This One!

Photo Source: The Young Astronauts, Jack & Jack