June 15, 2024


Does the definition of being a fan mean you turn on the person you are devoted to a the slightest bit of drama? No, being a fan is way more than that. Being a fan of someone means you will stop at nothing to support them and you will always stand by their side no matter how hard it gets.


Late last night, Matthew Espinosa’s snapchat showed a pic with the n word in it. Right away fake fans all over the world got the hashtags #Matthewisoverparty and #Matthewisexposedparty trending worldwide without hearing Matthew’s side of the story. That’s why social media is gotten so bad because people can say and trend whatever they want behind the security of their computer screens.


Soon after the trends started, Matthew came onto to Twitter to explain himself.
Matthew tweeted, ” Man I can’t trust my friends with my phone I’m mad pissed” He continued on with this by tweeting, ” I love EVERYONE on this earth. And I’m sorry if anyone thinks otherwise.” Lastly He tweeted, “Sorry about the confusion Look at my snap for clarity @ NotMattEspinosa #Espinosas for LIFE”


After reading these tweets, we went to Matthew’s Snapchat and heard the full story…


Even after him explaining himself fake fans were still trending this hashtag all over Twitter. If you are really his fan shouldn’t you wanna believe the person you have spent a lot of your life supporting because if not what’s the point of your support towards him. If he said he didn’t do it and made a whole snapchat story explaining what happened wouldn’t you want to believe him rather than keep all the drama going. Just stop all the drama and believe him because I know he would believe you if that happened to you!


The snapchat story did bring out more real fans though. A lot of his real supporters just didn’t say anything about the situation because we knew he wouldn’t do something like that because he says he loves everyone literally every single day on Twitter. Us real supporters got the hashtag #EspinosasForLife trending on Twitter!


Matthew then participated in the trend by tweeting, ” #EspinosasForLife ?? Dang Straight! Everyday is a blessing with you all! Thank u for the hashtag btw, you guys are the best!” He also started to tweet back multiple fans saying thanks for the continued support through all this drama! Isn’t that sweet? That’s who the real Matthew Espinosa is! He loves everyone and would do anything and everything for his supporters because he knows their continued support is what got him to where he is today!


Matthew ended the tweet spree last night by tweeting, “I will always continue to fight for a world filled with nothing but love. There’s gonna be people who are so quick to assume and judge you. So be happy with who you are and I don’t let anyone control your happiness and tell you who You are! People will hate no matter what. So just keep being the amazing person you are and keep moving forward. Only YOU know YOU best, and If they don’t like that. Well, looks like they weren’t meant to be in your life anyway #espinosasforlife ”


So the whole point of this blog post is to tell you guys don’t judge someone until you know the full story because you wouldn’t want someone to judge you on something you didn’t even do.