June 19, 2024

Latin Pop Singer


Dual Releases Colorful and Energetic

Song and Video


Puerto-Rican pop artist CHESCA released her single, “Azúcar” along with a simultaneous release of the video. The danceable, Urban Pop track combines Latin and reggaeton sounds with melodic choruses and catchy hooks and the video is a perfect compliment to the song with its colorful and vibrant view of CHESCA showing off her vocal prowess and her incredible look. The hook-laden track was produced by the same team, led by Al Janussi, that worked magic for Marc Anthony’s “Vivir La Vida” and JLO’s “On the Floor.”

CHESCA now lives in LA but hails from Puerto Rico and is quickly making her mark in music with this dual release. She is ambitious and multi-talented, always in the studio perfecting her International, Latin, Global, and Pop sound. She has her eye on musical collaborations with Pitbull and has big support from artists such as French Montana as well as looking forward to touring later on in 2019.

A couple nights ago CHESCA celebrated this dual release with a massive release party in LA attended by the industry elite who supports the Spanish language track and video as following on the heels of the massive hit, “Despacito.”

CHESCA says, “I have been through so much in my life and now to see this dream realized after overcoming tragedy in my childhood is overwhelming and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

My fans know my heart is with them always and I know for sure that with perseverance and positivity everything is possible.”

CHESCA met success at an early age, signed to Sony at 11 years old, having that dream derailed by a tragic boating accident. Her focus then shifted to her mental and physical recovery.

The young singer moved to Miami as a part of her recovery process in hopes to rekindle her confidence in music.


CHESCA’s music career has taken her through many changes and down many roads including voicing a character on the popular “Dora the Explorer”, singing in a girls group and seeing huge success in Europe and across Asia with the group, “Armenchick” and the hit song, “Kiss Me.” Now CHESCA is primed for American success as a LatinX star cris-crossing charts and genres.

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