April 20, 2024

(Harvey’s answers) (Max’s answers)

Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Harvey Mills, I have a twin brother called Max and we are singer/songwriters who perform music together.

My name is Max Mills and I sing with my twin brother and play the guitar and a few other instruments.

What was it like being put in the spotlight at such a young age? How did you learn to deal with the hate?

It’s an interesting experience being so exposed to the public eye, and like most people we used to get a lot of hate, but purely and simply, we ignored it. And we see it commonly where people react badly to hate which then fuels the person because they’re getting attention. For this reason we rarely get much real hate anymore. Nothing that anyone says will affect us because they are simply someone we don’t know searching for something to do with their life.

At first when we started to get hate it wasn’t the nicest thing to read. We soon realized though what situation haters might be in and that we don’t actually have to read the hate because most of the time the hate gets lost in all of the nice comments anyway!

What is the most difficult part about being in the spotlight yet living in the UK?

It seems a lot harder to be in the spotlight in the UK because you’re not as surrounded by people in the same industry as you are in America (especially LA). But like I said we don’t let it affect us, so we just get on with life as if it wasn’t any different.

Sometimes it’s hard to get things done when you are out and about if we’re trying to get somewhere or do something, but we don’t mind because we love meeting our fans! It’s amazing how they respect the fact that sometimes we need to get somewhere and don’t make too much of a fuss so that they don’t draw too much attention. Also we are very busy a lot of the time but we don’t really mind as we still have just enough time for our mates.

How do you cope with the travel, exhaustion, and demand?

We usually limit ourselves with the amount of things we do and if we feel like it would be too much we just say no, because at the end of the day, our health is what’s most important to us. And if our health wasn’t so good, that would then reduce the amount of time we actually have to do things because then more time would be taken up trying to make ourselves better.

That hasn’t really been a problem so far as we are still quite young, but more recently are trips to America have become very busy because we obviously don’t live there so whenever we travel to the US we always have loads of interviews, recording sessions, meetings and shows that jam pack our weeks. After a long trip in the US we do sometimes get quite tired.

Have you ever had individuality crisis because you’re always together plus work together?

I’ve honestly never even thought of this. It hasn’t really affected me up to this point and I don’t know if it’s something that ever will.

There have only been a few things but they never specifically ask for one of us, they normally say something like ‘ they can both audition but we will only use one of them’ or something like that.

How do you differentiate yourselves?

We have groups of friends that are the same and groups of friends that aren’t and we are rarely in the same classes at school.

I normally wear a hat and Harvey wears glasses. We also have quite different clothing styles

What is the hardest obstacle that you’ve been through?

The hardest obstacle honestly is probably just getting things done on time whilst also living regular lives at school and all other things that go with that, like homework. Usually it isn’t a problem.

Sometimes ads are very complicated and are quite stressful to do so we usually spend a long time on them and they are quite difficult. We also find it hard to cover everything that we do like performing, social media, and SCHOOL! Something that was also quite difficult was learning a Spanish song 12 hours before a show.

How did that affect you emotionally?

I’m not an incredibly emotional person, but I usually just make sure to sleep and I’m fine.

We aren’t too emotional normally, but sometimes we just need a break!

How did you overcome that obstacle?

I just kept going with one phrase in my head “eventually I’ll be done, and then I have time to do whatever I want”

We just work as hard as two 14 year olds can, and get as much done as we can and it always works out well for any situation!

What message would you want to send to all of your teen supporters based off of personal experience?

Two messages I have for all our supporters are: A: ALWAYS have a plan B and B: Never stop trying, because the more you stop trying, the more stress will come in the future. If you get things done you can be worry free, so always try to get everything done when you can and then afterwards appreciate your free time.

If something goes wrong you should always have a backup. Also, always think positively and work hard to pull through whatever task you are taking on.

What does #teenshelpingteens mean to you?

We want to let people know that we actually know how a lot of them feel with things like school and not having time to accomplish everything. We also understand that people have other problems in their life as well, but the worst thing that anyone can do is give up because anyone can do anything. As long as they actually try in the first place. And then you eventually won’t have anything to worry about.

It makes me feel great that I can pass on useful (hopefully) information to people that are going through hard times and I hope that anyone that reads this will use this information to make a difference to their lives if their going through tough times!?