July 21, 2024

Can you start off by telling our readers a little bit about yourself?

I am originally from Denver, Colorado but I have been living in LA for several years. I’ve been singing ever since I could talk but it wasn’t until I sang in my kindergarten talent show that I realized I wanted to be a professional singer.

Your most recent single “Glow” just recently hit 1 million streams! How did you find out about this and what was your reaction?

It is still so shocking to think about that! I had been watching the numbers grow over a few weeks and it was so exciting to wake up one morning and check my phone to see that I had reached a million! I am so unbelievably grateful to my fans and I hope they are excited for all the new music I have coming up!

How did “Glow” get created?

I got in the studio with The Monarch and HARLŒ who are wildly talented and we started with a music track. From there we created a melody and then the lyrics to go with it. I wanted to create a fun summer song that was also meaningful. “Glow” really does bring that happy glowing feeling out of you as you listen to it!

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

I feel like my biggest accomplishment is being authentic to myself ever since I first started. I started touring at a very young age and it’s easy to just mold yourself into whatever someone thinks is best. It’s hard to stay true to your beliefs and yourself when everyone suddenly thinks they are the expert on you and your career. I will always be myself.

Why is music so important in your life?

Singing was something that I always did naturally and listening to music became the same. It’s the same as eating and breathing for me, I do it every day. Music is an escape and it can foster any emotion or completely change it. That is true power and music has the ability to do that.

What message do you want to send your supporters through your music?

I love that music can act as an escape and I want to be that escape for my fans whether it’s letting loose with your friends, falling in love, or total heartbreak. I want them to feel strong and empowered in their emotions.

What’s most important in your life right now?

Balance. My life can be so crazy at times with my schedule that my main focus is balance. I’m so driven in my career and getting new music recorded and performing that I really have to work hard to make sure I’m doing well in school and spending quality time with my friends and family. Of course, my dogs are always first on my list and you can even spot them in my music video for “Glow!”

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