May 29, 2024

Hi Maddisun! Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I am from Cranbrook BC, Canada… and I currently live here! I was living in Dublin, Ireland for a few years, and hope to return to Europe.

Your voice is beautiful, have you always been a singer?

Thank you! Yes, I actually have always sung, as far back as I remember, I have been singing and dancing. I used to put on these little concerts for my family and friends when I was younger. Music has always been a huge part of my life.

How do you keep your vocals in tip-top shape?

Lots of practice! Always warm-up. I have a secret elixir drink that I use often too… Lemon/Ginger tea, lots of honey, and garlic slices! Does the trick. I also take oil of oregano daily and that helps a lot.

What do you see as some of the biggest challenges of being an independent artist today?

Definitely how hard it is to get big opportunities and exposure. It’s pretty saturated at the moment…. lots and lots of talented artists out there with the same big dreams. You have to be unique and set yourself apart, I try to stay true to myself. It’s hard to capture big audiences of people at a time, I have yet to land on a Spotify editorial playlist, but it’s a huge goal of mine.

What do you see as some of the greatest WINS to being an independent artist today?

When the success is there… it’s all YOURS! I love having an amazingly successful gig and getting to take all the credit for organizing and putting on a good show. You get to keep all your money and have control over how things are run, and keep all rights to your music. That’s a big one. Having the rights to my masters is really important to me.

Favorite performance you’ve had so far?

My favourite performance was Canada Day festival in Fernie BC. I had just bought this really cool drum pad, and I decided to start playing it live and featuring it in my sets. That was the first time I played and so many people showed up for Canada day! It was just the most amazing vibes. Fernie is a beautiful little hippy town… so playing up there on the festival stage staring out at the mountains with the sun on my face… it was perfect.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your writings?

Most of my writings are experience-based. I write a lot about the things that happen in my life and what I go through as a solo female artist, and human lol. My track “Mountain Air” is all about my travels and life in Europe, and coming home to the Rocky mountains. I find a lot of inspiration in nature actually, and the freedom to escape out into nothingness. Living rurally is great for this.. but travel also gives me more inspiration than anything.

Where would you like your music career to take you in a year? Five years?

In a year…. well… I just hope to be touring and playing live shows in a real way again. That has been super hard for us artists this year with the pandemic.

In 5 years, the goal is to support myself solely from my music. I don’t want to be working a day job anymore, I would love to fully dedicate myself to my music career and have it support me back. This takes time, so I am currently building my fan base !!!

Please tell us about your newest release and upcoming plans for 2021!

My newest release is so exciting. I just released my debut album “Self Reflections.” I received a Creative BC Career Development grant to record the album, and then I journeyed into the mountains to the off-grid “Sincerity Sound Studio” in Winlaw BC. No cell service, living in my camper, making music all day every day! It’s a very reflective and introspective release, I write a lot about finding myself, and discovering who I want to be in this industry. Please listen to it on Spotify and buy on Bandcamp if you like. I have a new release planned for 2021, a single, and then eventually a 5 track ep! I hope to be on tour this time 2021…. or even sooner! Catch ya out there!

Please tell our readers where they can find you!


Thank you for your time!

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