May 22, 2024

Model: Kolten Kirschke

Hey! So excited to be chatting with you!! What has been the greatest moment of 2021 for you so far?

2021 has given time to slow down and enjoy quality time with family and friends. It’s also given time and opportunities
to work and train on my craft not only as a music artist but as an actor as well. There is still time in 2021 and there are
a lot of exciting things happening so I know there will be more great moments added to 2021 for sure!

How do you want your art to be remembered? 

Inspirational and relatable. Music comes from the heart and experiences throughout our journey in life. Using my
music and platforms to inspire others all around the world is very important to me but I also want them to able to
connect with my music through similar experiences in their own lives.
How have you felt most appreciated as a creative and artist? 
Always continue to feel appreciated by fans, family, and friends I’m surrounded by the best group of supporters and I
couldn’t ask for more. It’s a great feeling to hear and read everyone’s feed back it means a lot and inspires me as well
to continue to create thank you!

Who have been your strongest allies in your career? 

Really there are so many to name but my fans, friends, and family have always been and continue to be my strongest
allies in my career. My music team has been in my corner as well since day one. Thank you to my UK producer Zak
Lloyd, Mary Simmons, and vocal coach Matt Berthot who inspire me every day and believe in me which I appreciate
more than they know! 

What do you see as the most important part of your journey? 

To be true to myself, continue to do what makes me happy, and enjoy all the small moments along the way.

Please tell us about your latest project and how we can get involved!

Well most of you know we just released the new music video to “Medicine” and have gotten great reviews so thank
you to everyone who has checked it out. Check it out below if you haven’t yet:
Also, next single “Rewind” is scheduled to release this month on all platforms can’t wait for everyone to check it out!

Please share your Instagram link so our readers can follow you there.  

Thank you all for taking the journey with me you guys are the best!!!