June 19, 2024

Woah! Your work is about to be on the big screen! How does that feel?

Rewarding!  This has been a labor of love.  I began this project almost 4 years ago, so to see it come to life…finally is…amazing.

Why the name ‘Seaper Powers’ for the film? 

The story is about a little girl who discovers she has magical powers under the water.  I wanted something that was unique to her ‘magic.’  And, using the word ‘super’ powers didn’t feel right.  Plus, I felt it was overused.  So, after a long run one day, it occurred to me to create my own word.  So, it’s really super powers, but in the sea.

What are you most relieved about that’s over with getting the project off the ground?

I guess that I pretty much stayed within my budget and still was able to get the project done!  So often in movies, you underestimate what it really takes, and being a first time animation film maker, budget was a hard one for me.  But we did it!

What are you most proud of with this project?

Wow!  That is a great question and one that I had to think about.  I love how all the voices that I selected really fit each character.  The soundtrack came out perfect for the actions involved…oops that was two!  I guess I have to add one more, since I have already cheated; the animation.  My animators were able to create some pretty hard scenes. I know it was not easy, and they came through…truly happy about how this turned out.

In three words describe ‘Seaper Powers’? 

Connecting to Animals. 

You are a superstar! What new music is on its way that you can talk about? 

I just released Show Me You Feel and two remixes for the original. Please talk talk talk talk about those!!!

How do we follow you and all your projects? 

Please come over to my Instagram.com/kimcameron_sidefx !!!