May 19, 2024

Hey Khadija! So excited to be chatting with you!! You are definitely a triple threat, you sing, dance, and act. What inspired you to pursue all these amazing things?

I have always loved the arts… My family has surrounded me with it, considering my mom, Khadidiatou D Neumann, is a model, and my dad, Andreas Neumann is a photographer. They have always inspired me to do what I love and acting, singing, and dancing are those things. They are what make me happy and I hope that I can make other people happy with my talents!

How would you describe your musical style as an artist?

I describe my musical genre as Pop! I love pop music because it can literally be any emotion… It can be happy, sad, nervous, or anything you want it to be. This genre is the best way for me to express my feelings.

What artists do you look up to right now?

At the moment, I look up to Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Zendaya, and Jennifer Lopez. As a songwriter, I look up to Billie Eilish and Janelle Monáe. They are all inspiring women who follow their dreams and I hope I can be as successful as them one day!

You are currently working on a new EP with Grammy Award winning producer Dallas Austin!! What has it been like working with Dallas on your new project?

Dallas Austin is such an amazing, down to earth person and I am beyond grateful to be working with him. Earlier in August of 2018, my family and I flew to Atlanta to record with him. It was such a great experience and it was a huge step up from recording in my closet. The studio was huge and I couldn’t believe what was going on! He recently announced that he is being inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame in June. This is such an inspiration for me to follow in his footsteps. He is so talented and I have no words to express how excited I am for my EP to release!

Can you tell us about your new EP? What’s the theme of the new EP?

Like I said, I recorded my EP back in August of 2018. I usually get inspired by things that are going on in my life or things that I see happen. For my EP, the theme is based on people gossiping, and people changing, and to stay true to yourself. I love this theme because it reminds me to not care what other people think about me and to just do things because it makes me happy and because it can make other people happy as well.

How excited are you to be releasing your new EP?

I am so excited! I have been working so hard on it and I can’t even believe that this is happening. This has been my dream ever since I was a little toddler! I am so amazed that it is finally coming true.

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new songs?

I hope that they will feel inspired by it! I really think that this EP will do really well because I wrote these songs based on my own experiences. One day I was just feeling down and I sat on my piano, played some chords, and just sang what was on my mind. I think lots of people will be able to relate to my songs because, like I said, this is what goes on in people’s minds and in their everyday lives.

Any other fun things in the works for your music career?

Yes! Lately I have been working on a lot of covers that I will be filming and posting on my Youtube channel really soon! I also do vlogs every week so stay tuned for more covers and vlogs on my Youtube Channel!

You have also made a name for yourself in the dance world. How did your passion for dance start?

I started to dance when I was three years old. I started off with ballet and slowly transitioned to doing contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. At the moment, I am still doing ballet and I am currently on pointe. I love ballet and it is such a beautiful dance to watch and to learn. I also still do hip hop! It is so much fun and I love just jamming out to music through dance! I will always love to dance and it will always be a huge part of who I am!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions 🙂 

Thank you guys so much for having me! I enjoyed answering all your questions!

Credit: photos by Andreas Neumann

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