June 17, 2024

Oh boy has this been a crazy few days. You could say it all started with some nasty comments.

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 Photo Source: Justin’s Instagram

Justin Bieber has been seen with his rumored New girl Sofia Richie, a model. The world lost their mind when they found out she was 17 and felt it was OK to send her death threats and call her nasty names. Justin took to Instagram posting a picture with Sofia captioning the photo “I’m going to make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate. This is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to the people I really like.” As you may have guessed World War III began after this.

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 Photo Source: Selena’s Instagram

Fans were very upset that he was defending the girl that he just met over the fans that have been supporting him since the beginning. Then things took an interesting turn when Selena Gomez decided to get involved and stand up for Justin’s fans and also some would say call out Justin. I would say overstep her place. Shockingly many of Justin’s fans took Selena’s side and RIP beliebers started trending on Twitter. She later apologized for her comments.


Things were calm for about 10 hours when suddenly Justin went private on Instagram. But unbeknownst to him everyone could still see his pictures, so with almost 80,000,000 followers being private is pointless. So he got off private and five minutes later he deactivated. One minute before deactivating he liked a video of him interacting with his fans and hugging them saying how much he loved them. 15 minutes after deactivating a message and post popped up on scooters Instagram from Justin saying that he may be using scooters account for now on just for a bit.


As we speak Justin Deactivated Party is trending all over Twitter and many very rude things are being said. People are telling him to kill himself. Some of these cruel comments are coming from people that have his name in their user, so I ask you to refrain from saying anything negative. Be someone that spreads positivity, not someone that spreads bitterness. We don’t know what’s going on in his life right now and we never will.


We came here to support the music and that’s what we need to do. His personal life is none of our business. He provides us with music and in return we buy it and promote it. We have to stop acting like he owes us an arm and a leg. He loves us! Maybe he doesn’t say it everyday, but he doesn’t have too. Yeah lately it may not seem like he loves us, but maybe because he’s lost. But then again I don’t know him personally, so I can’t say that for sure. But neither can you, so don’t feed into the all the negative comments. It’s only bringing him down. He’s only human and humans do make mistakes and they learn from them it’s all part of life.


Someone asked me why I thought he deactivated and my best reasoning behind it was because the people that have always supported him and he thought that he could trust turned their back on him so he didn’t know what else do. The best thing he could do was run away from it all. Remember guys he’s really trying to be more open with us and by him telling us to stop the hate was really a big step for him. I’m not going to sit here and say that he’s perfect, but I’m also not gonna sit here and say that all of us are perfect either. All of us played a role in this happening, so don’t just blame him. Let’s come together and figure out how to make this better.