June 17, 2024

Jack and Jack did five gum truth or dare today. It was a great way for them to interact with fans and answer some of our dying questions. Many fans were happy because Gilinsky really interacted with this challenge, which is rare for him. People really did ask some great questions and it wasn’t like the usual repetitive questions. We found out that they have a ghost currently in their house, which is a little bit creepy to me. I would want to move like the second I found out, but Johnson made friends with the ghost (typical Johnson, that’s why we love him). They talked a lot about their childhood. Which as a fan we really love because you know they’ve been friends since kindergarten, so of course they have many stories to tell. I’m sure we haven’t even heard half of them. So if you get the chance, go check out their twitters to see all the questions they answered. Down below we will post some of our favorite ones.

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