June 19, 2024

Jake T Austin was just kicked off Digi tour!!!! On August 14th, Jake announced to fans that the tour asked him to leave early. He did not give specific reasons and was unsure why himself. Of course, that is when a fan girl is to step in and do some investigating. With a little help, I came upon a few videos of girls outside a tour bus speaking with him. Jake decided to pour his heart out and give his true emotions and feelings about the tour. He said that we should support the true artists like Sammy Wilk not the ones that just ignore us (almost an indirect to some of the artist on digi tour). He also said that people that work for the tour told him he wasn’t supposed to come out and speak with fans or take pictures with them. He felt that wasn’t fair because they were sitting out in the sun for hours and they paid good money to see all the acts. Jake said “he’s on tour to meet people not to sit on a tour bus and watch them waiting outside.” He continued on spilling his guts out and you could just see the passion that he had talking with the fans. Now that brings me to the question. “Did he deserve to be kicked off?” In my opinion, I don’t believe he should of been kicked off the tour. I believe everyone has a right to state their opinion. I also believe that he’s allowed to meet with his fans and shouldn’t be told when and when he can’t. We don’t know if this is the real reason he was kicked off quite honestly we will never know the truth, but with a little investigating this is what I was able to come up with about why Jake T Austin was kicked off digi tour. With the correlation of the video and him being let go there is a very strong chance of them being connected.

– Katelyn