June 19, 2024


Are you a mother? Do you have a daughter who loves Jack and Jack? If so this is the article for you. Yesterday Jack and Jack did the Show Of The Summer in Hershey, PA and let’s just say some of the mothers were not too pleased with the language they used.


But don’t worry the boys made a joke out of it and the fans went right along with it because we are the type of fans that don’t take anything too serious. We just let hate go in one ear and right out the other. You can’t live your life with the fear of someone not liking you.


The biggest problem I have with what the moms are saying is that they are saying we are  harrasing them and that the kids harassing them must be kids without parents at the concert. What they are saying pretty much comes out as the people who are defending Jack and Jack are not well behaved kids. They then had the nerve to bring Jack J’s mom into the conversation. They were saying if they were Jack J’s mom they would be so embarrassed and then they said that Jack’s mom is being paid that’s why she’s fine with it all. If they can hate on our favs and our favs family why can’t we poke fun at their nasty comments because you just have to let loose sometimes and not take things so serious.


Mothers were comparing Jack and Jack to Shawn Mendes saying that their language should be more like Shawns and that Jack and Jack should never of been on the lineup. Well my response to that is they should’ve looked at the lineup before they brought their children to the show and also Shawn is friends with Jack and Jack and he loves their music. So what they are saying doesn’t really make much of a defense on their case.


I hate to break it to them but I’m pretty sure their children have heard swearwords before and they’re a little innocent eight-year-old is probably using them behind their back. The people that think their children are the most innocent are the parents that have the children that are the most rebellious, so I wish Wendy and Heather the best of luck. PS Wendy and Heather by your comments on your back-and-forth on Facebook calling Hershey is not going to change their mind about keeping Jack and Jack on the lineup they don’t care about your opinion.

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– Katelyn