July 25, 2024
Justin Bieber recently released his new album Justice, complete with pop hits featuring talented artists such as Daniel Caesar, Khalid, and more. Today Pandora debuted Justin’s Artist Takeover where he talks about his new album and other happenings in his life. For Beliebers, there’s lots of great stuff there.
He explains “Ghost”:  “For me, it was kind of balancing that out with still being hopeful about your future and your life. We do lose people, and as hard as it is, you don’t want to tell that person in that moment that life goes on because you want to grieve with them because you love them.”
Justin chose to include two MLK speech clips in the album, a decision that was extremely important to him: “It was a no brainer for me to use my platform to amplify Martin Luther King’s voice to a generation that might not have even heard of his speeches. This guy is one of the most prolific speakers ever, and his belief of standing up for what is right is revolutionary and will never die, so that opportunity for me is a privilege and honor, and my objective for putting him on my album is only to amplify his voice.”
He also talks about what artist he’s been listening to a lot during quarantine, why he named his album Justice, what he’s most excited about doing post pandemic and more.
This commentary is exclusive to Pandora, listen to the full playlist here.