July 21, 2024

Jasmine Crowe

Teams Up With American Songwriter Magazine
To Premiere Gorgeous Duet With 
Nick Mair

Can’t Find Love

Jasmine Crowe has teamed up with American Songwriter to share her newest single, “Can’t Find Love“, a stunning duet with Nick Mair. Of “Can’t Find Love“, Jasmine explains, it’s about “wanting to find a connection with someone – especially in a big city where things can seem transitory moving so fast, and people can often be guarded.” Nick reiterates, “Connections are a lot more empty than substantive and it’s tough to find a genuine connection in a world that is increasingly more isolated with people relying on digital means. You’d think it’d be the opposite in a big city filled with people.” Listen to the gorgeous “Can’t Find Love” on American Songwriter HERE.

Jasmine Crowe is already racking up accolades, an accomplished and fierce singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist—a true quadruple threat— she won the John Lennon Song Writing Contest in 2018, and late last year released her impactful and emotional debut album Symptoms  featuring single,  “Chess Game” which climbed the Billboard dance & club charts in December ‘19.

Born and raised in Hawaii, the Los Angeles-based Crowe was brought into the world with music in her life. She started playing violin at just three years old and inherited her parents passion for music (her father was a concert pianist alongside his career as an astronomer). Jasmine taught herself to sing while listening to Broadway musical recordings and eventually started performing locally, where she built the confidence to try her hand at songwriting. After winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song “Breaking Things,” (co-written/co-produced with her partner and first songwriting collaborator Josh Anderson), she found herself finally ready to release her debut LP last year. Symptoms is a true musical diary- initially written in her bedroom, the record is a gorgeous and deeply felt, expressive, pop album. An absolute must listen, and this is just the beginning…

About Nick Mair:

The self-taught musician from Minneapolis got his start behind the keys of a piano, playing hit songs by ear from Billy Joel, Chris Martin, Ryan Tedder and more. This natural ability evolved into his work as a producer, which he packed his bags for the coast to pursue. It was there, at the insistence of artists and producers he collaborated with, that Mair expanded the aperture of his career into singing and songwriting. Thinking through every element of a project is how he’s turned raw talent into real results. Mair stays active on the LA music scene, collaborating with artists and creates his own records on the regular. Whether he’s taking the lead on vocals or polishing the 808s on a production, his versatility makes him an asset to virtually any project.