May 19, 2024

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, collectively known as the Vine duo Jack & Jack from Omaha, Nebraska, spend a lot of time together in the studio making earworm tracks, performing on stage, and attending red carpet events. Not with standing the ample amount of time they spent together growing up and headlining an 18-date DigiTour in 2014, the 19-year-olds still have a lot to learn about each other. To reinforce their brotherly bond, Jack & Jack joined On Air with Ryan Seacrest and took turns asking each other personal (and random) questions.

During their behind-the-scenes interview, Gilinsky reveals how he keeps his eyebrows on fleek, and his biggest pet peeve about girlfriend Madison Beer.

“She’s a little disorganized. I think that’s just a teenage girl thing,” Gilinsky admits. On the flip side, he very much admires Madison’s ability to roll with the boys: “She’s funny … She can hang out. There’s six dudes at the house, we’re all in the studio, and there’s Madison. She’s just chilling.”

Johnson, on the other hand, reveals the last time he asked someone to “Netflix and Chill.” “Honestly, I’ve never used that outside of joking terms,” he says. “Just cause I feel like it’s really cheesy … but there’s some people I’d be down to Netflix and chill with that’s for sure.”

Get to know Jack & Jack by viewing the video below.