May 25, 2024


Shawn Mendes was recently on Etalk and he opened up about what it is like to be a social media icon. “My life is just very different to my best friends, it’s different from my parents, my sister, everyone who I’m close with except for the people I work with,” he says. “So it’s almost difficult to connect with people.”

Shawn has been busy opening for Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour. He says these days life on the road feels more comfortable than back home in Toronto. Focusing on taking things day by day, Shawn acknowledges the importance of trying to get his mind off of the hectic parts of his life once in a while.

It also helps to have the support of Swift, Shawn says. He not only thinks she is a lot of fun,but also a very down-to-earth person to hang out with. She is very generous in choosing me to tour with her.

“She is just incredible,” he says. “She was like I think this kid’s got it and he can learn from this and I’m going to give him a shot and that’s what I love.”

Later on during the interview, Shawn brings up his fellow canadian singer, Justin Bieber. If you ask Shawn Mendes, we all just need to give Justin Bieber a bit of a break.

“People bash on him so hard, but I don’t think most people could handle two seconds in his shoes,” the 17-year-old singer told etalk’s Devon Soltendieck in Toronto last week.

Currently adjusting to my own rapid rise to fame, I can relate to some of the challenges Bieber must have faced.

“That’s why I have the utmost respect for Justin,” he says. “Of course he did a bunch of stupid stuff, but he was younger than me when he came into this. And I don’t know how stable his family situation was, but I have two great parents who are together and really behind me with everything, and I still find it difficult you know.”

Shawn’s comments come after Bieber told a New York radio station last month he didn’t know who Shawn was.

After general shock and disbelief at the claim, Bieber later posted on Instagram, “Shawn I checked out the music and I’m so proud! So glad to see another boy from Canada crushin it.”


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