May 25, 2024

November 13th is looking to be one of the biggest days in music for 2015. Both Justin and One direction are releasing their new albums. One Direction announced the news on the day they performed for Apple Music Festival, while Justin announced a few days before on twitter. “Made in the A.M.” is the name of 1D’s upcoming new album. Justin only recently announced that his new album is called “Purpose”. These 2 albums are causing such an uproar among fans because its One Direction’s last album before they go on a year long break and its Justin’s 1st album since 2 years while he was cleaning up his act.

Another reason One Direction’s album is really anticipated is becuase it is their 1st album without Zayn Malik (former member of 1D who left on March 25, 2015). Many fans on twitter are actually taking polls on whose album they think will do better on the release date.


Both Justin and 1D haven’t said much on the matter, except for Justin going on snapchat saying “the face you make when you are releasing an album the same day as Justin Bieber”.

Some people think what Justin said was offensive and rude, so later Justin went on some radio show and cleared everything up. He explained that he was’t trying to be rude to One Direction. He was just trying to be funny. Justin went on to say that Niall and him are really close friends and that he is actually really looking forward to hearing his new stuff. After the interview, Louis Tomlinson posted a snapchat that sounded really similar to Justin’s video. The snapchat Louis posted said “ The face you pull when you are performing the final night at the O2.”

Reporters believe this was a diss towards Justin, but I don’t think it was. Boys will be boys hahah. I think it is just drama the reporters are trying to bring out among the guys. Other than that I really do think both 1D and JB are really looking forward to hearing each other’s albums on Nov 13th.

Which Album Are You More Excited For? Justin’s? One Direction’s? Both?

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