June 19, 2024

Hey Insyde! So excited to be chatting with you! Can you tell us a little bit about you?

I enjoy running cross country, I do crew (rowing and racing boats). I am also proficient at video editing, and I can create websites from scratch. I also really enjoy making music.

What artists do you look up to right now?

Definitely NF. His lyricism is top of the game right now, I wish I had talent like that. Also I really like Lil Tjay’s vibes and his voice, my music is definitely a lot more like Lil Tjay’s.

You are gearing up for the release of your new single on August 2nd! Can you spill any details about the new song?

I can’t spill too much, but those who follow me on Instagram got some sneak peeks early on in the project. All I can say is that it’s a whole lot better than my debut single!

How excited are you to get this project out into the world?

I am really excited about this! I haven’t released any new music in over a year, and I can feel a lot of pent up demand for new music. People ask me every day when new music is coming, and I finally have something good for them!

Can you tell us about what this song means to you?

When we were making this song, we were going for a moody vibe, trying to capture the thoughts of someone who is going through a rough time in a relationship, and thinking about leaving. My music is more like the type that can vibe with people going through hard times in their life, but so far none of it has been really personally based.

What do you hope your fans will think of the new song?

I am sure they will love it! I send out samples to a few of my biggest supporters and got overwhelmingly positive responses. I used to have a reputation of making music that was liked for the lyrics than for the overall sound, but this time I worked hard on both of those aspects, and I think I have another hit on my hands!

Any fun moments while creating the song?

The whole process was really fun! This is the first time I have collaborated with other artists on music, and the experience of talking about our goals and throwing around ideas was an awesome experience!

Will there be a music video for your new song? If so can you spill any details about it?

Yes there will be! We are trying to capture the vibes of the song in some interesting ways that is unlike a lot of other music videos for this music style. We plan to release the video about a week after the song drops.

What does it feel like to perform your own music live in front of your fans?

I have only done small snippets of my music in front of small audiences of friends and family. I may go on tour in a few years after I have more of a repertoire of music, and after college.

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans?

I want to be very engaged with them and make music they want to hear, while also being music that I can enjoy sometimes. I also want to be able to balance my personal life and my public life, which is an important thing for anyone to help with mental stability. I have heard of a lot of musicians getting in too deep and feeling a lot of stress, and we can see it with all these suicides of big musicians who seem to have everything, but are stressed mentally.

What was the craziest fan encounter you have had?

I was at Target one day and there were 2 girls following me, while trying to hide that they were following me. I stopped in the candy isle looking for jelly beans (I LOVE jelly beans). Anyways they came up to me and asked it I was Insyde, and then they wanted a picture with me. I thought that was cool! Obviously I don’t want people hanging on my doorbell, but if you ever see me in public feel free to come and say hi!

What social media platform do you use most to stay connected to your supporters

I am most active on Instagram, mostly because that is where my largest audience is. The best way to get my attention is on that platform! (@insyde)

Are there any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

I am working on an album, hopefully coming sometime in December. I already have made about 4 songs for it, and plan on having at least 3 more.

Do you have any last things you want to tell your supporters?

Definitely make sure you go listen to the song when it drops on August 2!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us.

No problem! I always love doing interviews, it’s a great medium to convey things I want to say and generate hype without revealing too much. It’s been great talking to you!

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